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10 Amazing Tips for Modern House Design With Swimming Pool

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I will share with you 10 amazing tips when designing modern house with swimming pool. Get inspired and I hope you learn something new.

1. Infinity pool is must when designing modern house with swimming pool

Infinity pool is a must when we want to design modern house with swimming pool. It blends so well and add final touch of luxury to your home.

Modern house with infinity pool

2. Outdoor furniture

Outdoor furniture color should be in neutral earth tones or in grey minimalistic shades which will blend well with overall modern theme look. Earth color palette is timeless.

Modern house design with swimming pool

3. Big windows

When you think about modern house designs with swimming pool, you should have big windows where natural light can brake inside easily. Great feature of contemporary and modern design is, when you can incorporate lightness and feeling of levitation like on the picture below.

Big windows are essential part of each modern house

4. Amazing lighting

Beside bIg windows, all modern design styles have amazing lighting. Think about direct and indirect lighting in your house. Great article about this I my related blog post: light as element of interior design.

Make sure you pay attention to lighting when designing your house

5. Clean rooftop design

Rooftop usually covering lounge area with modern house design style is always clean, straight and minimalistic. In most cases is square or rectangular shaped like on the picture below.

Modern house rooftop design

6. Low maintenance WPC Flooring

Very popular flooring option for modern houses with swimming pool is WPC. This is mixture of wood and resin. It doesn’t need almost any maintenance which is its biggest advantage. You can order it in lots of different colors, even wood texture.

More about WPC flooring in my post: What is WPC Flooring?

Wpc flooring is great solution for. Modern house with swimming pool

7. Think outside the box

When designing modern house with pool, think outside the box. Having possibility swimming directly from bedroom is luxury not many can afford.

8. Teak as luxurious natural flooring option for your modern house with swimming pool

Another luxurious flooring option for modern houses with pool is teak. This amazing tropical wood is extremely durable and can withstand water easily. I looks much more natural than WPC.

Teak floors are great natural solution for your swimming pool.

9. Keep in mind the View

Always keep in mind the view. You will want to relax and enjoy amazing views while swimming or drinking cocktail from your amazing pool.

Pay attention to view when designing modern house with swimming pool

10. Play with Lighting inside swimming pool

Play with lights underneath your swimming pool. You can achieve amazing effects and get yourself pretty romantic place out there.


When you combine everything mentioned above in one place you will get perfect modern house with swimming pool full of amazing moments shared in the future.

Perfect Modern house design with infinity pool

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