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10 Best Dust Mop for Hardwood Floors + Related Q & A

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When it comes to your hardwood floors, frequent cleaning is essential to maintaining their gorgeous appearance that adds value to your home. Because you do inevitably spend a lot of time sweeping (ideally daily), why not be sure that the dust mop you are using, is appropriate for your floor, is sturdy and comfortable to use and moreover, will do a very good job? 

which is Best Dust Mop for Hardwood Floors

Even if it means spending more than you would at your neighborhood dollar store, a quality dust mop doesn’t have to make your eyes pop out when you see the price tag. Buying quality doesn’t have to mean buying the most expensive product. So how do you decide? You do exactly what you’re doing right now, of course! Get informed!

I’ve put together a list of the best dust mops for your hardwood floors. I’ll share the good and the bad on each one, and then answer some commonly asked questions about mopping. Once you’ve informed yourself, you’re going to feel more confident about what you buy, use, and how you use it.

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10 Best Dust Mop for Hardwood Floors

For those of you who don’t have time and read threw my complete best-of list, take a look bellow Best overall and Best on budget dust mop.

1. Silva Microfiber Mop Floor Cleaning System – Hardwood Floor Mop + 2 Washable Pads

This mop by Silva Inc. Restaurant/Kitchen Tools is unique because it features a newly patented design on the plate of this mop. This plate allows for the handle to slide from one end to the other of the mop head, which is 18 inches long.

This patened sliding plate gains you even more reach for under sofas, tables, crazy turns, and corners.

It comes equipped with two machine washable microfiber pads and a scraper for tough build up on your hardwood floor or for scraping off the pads before washing. Those microfiber pads are held to the plate by Velcro strips.

The mop plate swivels 360 degrees enhancing smooth easy gliding. The telescoping handle itself is aluminum with an ergonomic foam grip and has a snap locking mechanism to 60 inches and allowing it to accommodate the user’s height and compact down to practical and hanging storage from the hole in the end of the grip.

The mop is in the middle range weight-wise on my best dust mop list coming in at 2 pounds. Moreover, the packaging is surprisingly clean and sleek lending itself to be a practical and clever but not embarrassing gift for occasions such as weddings, new home owners, or other people in your life that have hardwood floors.

What I love, they offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee or your money back, and a lifetime warranty. Replacement microfiber pads are available for purchase.

I like:

  • Adjustable mop head / pattened plate design
  • 360 degree swivel
  • Foam grip handle
  • Telescoping handle with clip to lock design
  • Compactable for storage
  • Machine washable microfiber pads
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Replacement pads available for purchase

I don’t like:

  • Velcro strips attachment

2. Turbo Microfiber Mop Floor Cleaning System – Washable Pads

This microfiber mop by Turbo is popular, and why not? The handle is made of aluminum alloy, and the microfiber pads are machine washable up to 100 times and then replacement pads are available for purchase.

The mop head is 17 inches, and can swivel 360 degrees. In addition to being a dust mop, it can be used as to damp mop as well. The microfiber mop pads are attached to the mop head by two Velcro strips. The handle adjusts in length from 35 to 60 inches thereby allowing you to a further reach. If I compare reach with other dust mops on my list, this seems to be more or less in average. The telescoping adjustment locks into place by twisting.

TIP: Be sure to tighten well before applying pressure or it may come loose and slide.

In addition to the two microfiber pads, it comes with two scrubbing pads for sticky debris. The mop itself is lightweight coming in at just over 1 pound. It can be stored hanging and collapsed to about half its length by use of the hole at the edge of the grip.

I like:

  • 360 degree swivel
  • Extended reach to 60 inches
  • Can be used as damp mop as well
  • Thick microfiber pads
  • Scrubbing pads
  • Lightweight
  • Machine washable
  • Can be stored by hanging
  • Replacement pads available for purchase

I don’t like:

  • Velcro strip attachment
  • Twist to lock handle 

3. MAYSHINE Microfiber Hardwood Floor Mop – 5 Washable & Reusable Flat Pads

Mayshine’s popular dust mop has a sturdy stainless-steel handle and arrives disassembled in four pieces. When once fitted together it becomes 60 inch long reaching durable choice. Aalthough it doesn’t have a telescoping function, to make the mop shorter you need to remove one of the pieces from the handle.

It comes equipped with 5 machine washable microfiber mop pads that attach to the mop head frame by plastic teeth clips. Replacement pads are available for purchase when needed. The mop head swivels 360 degrees and is just under 15 inches by 5 inches.

Due to its durable handle, it is a bit heavier than most of the others coming in at a weight of just over 2.5 pounds. It can be stored by hanging it from the hole in the end of the grip but doesn’t collapse.

This dust mop is advertised by the manufacturer as appropriate for both dry and wet mopping. However, if you plan to use this as a wet mop you need to wring out the pad until it is just damp otherwise it tends to stick to the floor and doesn’t glide as easily.

I like:

  • Durability
  • Teeth clips hold pads into place firmly
  • 360 degree swivel
  • Can be stored by hanging

I don’t like:

  • Heavy
  • Doesn’t glide well when wet/damp
  • The handle doesn’t telescope
  • Doesn’t collapse for compact storage

4. Swiffer Sweeper Dry + Wet All Purpose Floor Mopping and Cleaning Starter Kit

Perhaps this is the most widely known dust mop. Swiffer dust mop comes equipped with a “starter kit” of heavy-duty dry sweeping cloths, dry sweeping cloths, heavy-duty wet mopping cloths, and wet mopping cloths.

The dry cloths do a good job with hair and dust but will miss the larger particles such as crumbs or cat litter while the wet mop cloths have a tendency to push around instead of pick up.

The handle arrives disassembled but is easy to put together, and can be stored by hanging from the hole at the end of the grip. The mop head can swivel 360 degrees and is shorter than most others at a length of 10 inches. The aluminum handle is a set length of 46 inches and cannot be extended for further reach.

This is an easy solution for both dry and damp mopping, as you just attach the cloth pad that is appropriate for the type of cleaning you want to do and go. The cloths are throw away so you will be forever purchasing new clothes, but the replacement cloths can be found just about anywhere.

I like:

  • Lightweight
  • Dry cloths pick up hair and dust well
  • Easy to find replacement cloths
  • 360-degree swivel capability
  • Glides well both dry and wet
  • Can be stored by hanging

I don’t like:

  • Throw away microfiber cloths
  • Handle questionable durability
  • The handle is a fixed length and has no extensions
  • The handle isn’t telescoping capable
  • Cloth grippers sometimes release cloth under the stress of scrubbing

5. O-Cedar Dual-Action Microfiber Sweeper Dust Mop

This dust mop is the lightest of the bunch coming in at just under 1 pound. Its lightweight can be easily attributed to the fact that the handle pole is made of plastic. This does mean it is not as durable as other mop handles, so you’ll want to remember to remove the mop head before shaking out the dust outdoors and are careful not to treat it roughly.

The handle is a length of 50 inches, and the mop head including the length of the fringe is 19 inches by 8 inches. The handle does not have extending capabilities. Moreover, it is a simple twist and lock of the handle to attach it to the mop head frame. Mop head fringe is comprised of microfiber and chenille that picks up dust and hair very well but does not have 360-degree swivel capability.

Shake the mop head out and pop it in the washing machine to clean. Its head retracts nicely for compact storage. The manufacturer recommends replacing the mop head every three to six months.

I like:

  • Lightweight
  • Traps and grabs hair and dust well
  • Machine washable
  • Replacement mop head available for purchase.

I don’t like:

  • Plastic handle not durable
  • No telescoping or extensions for adjusted reach
  • Does not swivel 360 degrees

6. LINKYO Microfiber Hardwood Floor Mop with 3 Flat Mop Pads

The handle of this mop is satisfyingly durable, made of stainless steel. The mop head can swivel 360 degrees and is just 14.75 inches wide making it smaller than most of the others on this list.

It comes equipped with three microfiber mop pads, two of which are reversible and have a scrubber side. Additionally, replacement pads are available for purchase. The pads are affixed to the mop head frame by use of a plastic toothed clasping mechanism that holds the pads firmly in place.

Storage can be achieved by changing the mop from the hole at the end of the grip. The durable handle comes with an extension allowing a reach of 70 inches and the weight of the mop is a bit heavier than others coming in at 2.4 pounds. The manufacturer offers a 2-year quality guarantee warranty.

I like:

  • 360 degree swivel
  • Scrubber side of mop pad
  • Extended reach to 70 inches
  • Durable stainless steel handle
  • Teeth clasp mechanism holds pad in place securely
  • Machine washable
  • Replacement pads available for purchase
  • Can hang for storage

I don’t like:

  • Small mop head compared to others
  • Heavy
  • Teeth clasp mechanism is made of plastic and can bite your fingers if not careful

7. JINCLEAN 18″ Microfiber Floor Mop

This machine-washable mop head is 18 inches wide, has 360-degree swivel capability, and has the unique feature of being two-sided for flipping.

One side of the mop pad is a microfiber string that works very well to grab up dust and hair, while the other side is fine microfiber perhaps more suited to scrubbing.

This feature is highlighted to good effect as the design doesn’t require disassembling the mop head to access the other side. You simply flip the mop head when you reach a stain that won’t come up, but it can perhaps be flipped a bit too easily causing it to flip even unintentionally. Replacement mop heads are available for purchase.

The mop arrives completely assembled which is appreciated. The handle is twisted and locks telescoping style that can be adjusted out to a length of 51 inches and compacts down to a small size for easy storage. Although at full length it is not as long as several others on this list. Unfortunately, the twist and lock can come loose in the course of mopping. 

I like:

  • Two-sided flip feature
  • Microfiber string side
  • Machine washable
  • Replacement mop head available for purchase
  • Compacts for easy storage

I don’t like:

  • Flips unintentionally
  • Twist and lock telescoping can come loose

8. Professional Microfiber mop for Hardwood Tile Laminate & Stone Floors

Equipped with three different types of machine-washable microfiber cleaning pads, this mop is equipped to dry mop up, dust, and hair or damp mop persistent dust and stains.

The finest fibered mop head is electrostatic magnetic for dry mopping only, while the other two can be used to wet or damp clean with your appropriate floor cleaning solution. Replacement mop pads are available for purchase.

The mop weighs just over 2 pounds with a sturdy telescoping handle that extends to 69 inches by a twist and lock mechanism to avoid strain on your back. The telescoping handle allows for compact storage and the hole at the end of the grip allows it to be hung. The mop head is 18 inches has 360-degree swivel capability and the pads are secured into place by strips of Velcro.

The mop arrives disassembled but is easy to put together. Additionally, the manufacturer offers a 2-year warranty.

I like:

  • 360 degree swivel
  • Telescoping handle with long reach
  • Three microfiber pads for various functions
  • Machine washable
  • Replacement pads available for purchase
  • Warranty
  • Compacts and can be hung for easy storage in small spaces

I don’t like:

  • Velcro strips
  • Twist and lock mechanism can come loose

9. Nine Forty Residential | Commercial USA Cotton Wedge Hardwood Floor Dry Dust Mop Head | Handle

This mop head eschews the norm in its shape. Instead of the common rectangular form, it is more of a wedge shape, at its widest part, it is 13 inches. This allows it more dexterity for getting into corners.

This is the only mop on the list that doesn’t utilize microfiber pads. Instead, this mop head is 100% cotton, made in the USA and hand-sewn.

The cotton fringe traps dust, hair, and debris. The mop head is easily removed but when attached is held sturdily into place. Replacement mop heads are available for purchase. The aluminum handle is a telescoping handle that extends to a length of 72 inches. This allows you to dust the corners where your ceiling and wall meet, getting any cobwebs or dust lingering in eyesight but out of reach.

Additionally, it compacts down and can hang for storage from a hole at the end of the grip. The adjustable mop handle is locked into place by twisting it tightly so you can have it at exactly the right height so you don’t have to bend over and strain your back while mopping.

According to the manufacturer, due to the fact that it is made of cotton, the mop head is not machine washable. You will need to shake it free of dust and debris over the trash can or outdoors and then hand wash it in a solution of water with laundry detergent, rinse, and then lay flat (or hang) to dry. This mop is lightweight, coming in at just over 1.5 pounds.

I like:

  • Long telescoping handle to 72 inches
  • 100% cotton is gentle on your floors
  • Lightweight
  • Compacts and hang for storage
  • Made in USA

I don’t like:

  • Not machine washable
  • Twist and lock mechanism can come loose

10. MEXERRIS Microfiber Floor Mop for Hardwood Cleaning 360 Rotating Dust Wet Mop

This mop’s microfiber pad locks into place with a toothed rubber clasping mechanism that holds it securely to the its head. It comes with four microfiber pads that are machine washable and can be used for both wet and damp mopping however it doesn’t have a scrubber pad for tough stains. The head itself has 360-degree swivel capability.

The packaging is simple and sleek and is equipped with a scraper for tough stains on the floor and to clean off clumps of hair or debris from the pad when necessary. Replacement pads of the brand can be tricky to find but some other brand microfiber pads are compatible.

The handle is made of aluminum and comes disassembled in four pieces. The pieces of the handle have to be twisted to lock together but it isn’t telescoping, which does allow you to choose a length.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t always assemble together well and the aluminum doesn’t feel very sturdy. The handle has two separate areas for comfortable gripping but oddly doesn’t have a hole on the end of the pole to hang for storage.

I like:

  • 360 degree swivel
  • Scraper
  • Toothed rubber clasp
  • Comfortable non-slip grips for two hands

I don’t like:

  • Handle assembly
  • Replacement pads not easily found
  • No scrub pad
  • Can’t hang for storage

Is it better to use a mop or Swiffer?

It depends on your needs and criteria. A Swiffer is generally a perfectly acceptable dust mop moreover, it is so popular that it’s a household name.

I have put some questions to ask yourself when considering if a Swiffer or a mop would be better for you:

  • Do you care about whether or not it is environmentally friendly? If that’s an important issue to you, then it would probably be better for you to invest in a mop that has washable and reusable mop heads.
  • Do you have large rooms or is the space you need to clean relatively small? The Swiffer mop head is only 10 inches in length, making it the smallest mop head on this list. While a small mop head can be beneficial for small or tight spaces, bigger rooms will get done quicker with a larger mop head.
  • Are you taller than average height? The Swiffer handle length is not adjustable and is set at 46 inches. Depending on your height, this could put a strain on your back.
  • Do your floors regularly have stains and an excess of dust, debris, or dirt? If so you may need something more heavy duty.

If after considering these things Swiffer seems to be the right fit for you, pop over to my post titled, “Can You Use Swiffer on Hardwood Floors?” for a guide on taking care of your floors.

How do you use a wet and dry mop?

Dry mopping, also called dust mopping, is the alternative to your broom and dust pan. There is no cleaning solution, liquid, nor polish involved. You glide the dry mop over your floor in smooth long rows side by side as you work your way across the room. When you notice that your dry mop has stopped picking up dust then you need to pause your work to either scrape it, shake it, or change out the cloth. Repeat until your floors are finished.

How do you use a wet and dry mop?

Wet mopping really should be referred to as damp mopping for hardwood floor owners. You never want to splash a water cleaning solution wet and dripping onto your hardwood floors. Damp mopping is when you have the mop head only damp. For most of the microfiber pads on the above dust mop list you can simply take the microfiber pad and wet it with your preferred cleaning solution and then wring it out getting all excess liquid off before attaching it to your mop head plate and proceeding to glide the damp mop in long rows side by side across the room. 

wet mopping

For mop heads that have a fringe it is just as important to wring them out until there are no more drips. Alternatively, you could consider putting your cleaning solution into a spray bottle, and spraying a section of the floor at a time and then mopping over it. The trick with the spray bottle is to be careful not to over spray or saturate the floor. Anytime you damp mop your hardwood floors, afterward you should go back over them with a dry towel to soak up any lingering wetness.

Final Thoughts and conclusions

  1. As I mentioned, I am in general suspicious of using Velcro as a long-lasting mechanism for affixing mop heads to mop head frames and am more impressed by the teeth locking mechanisms, particularly the rubber. 
  2. I find that mop heads (both cotton and microfiber) that have a fringe or a string feature do a better job of grabbing up larger debris and hairs than the microfiber pads. This is simply because they possess more surface area for the debris to cling to. 
  3. I like the idea of a heavy-duty pole handle, of stainless steel for example, because you don’t have to take as much care with it. However, I think I prefer overall a lightweight handle that makes mopping a lighter task. 
  4. Extensive reach I find important because I very much appreciate being able to get the corners of my ceilings and the crown moldings without having to get up on a ladder. 

In summation, all of these dust mops on this list have both good and bad qualities. These are my reasons for the preferences that I share with you to take into consideration when choosing your purchase. Assess the pros and cons of each and decide which features are most important to you. 

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Releated Questions

What helps dust mops pick up more dust?

Dust mops pick up dirt, dust, and debris better than your typical broom and dust pan because of the material the mop head is made from. Most dust mop heads are either microfiber or cotton. Microfiber mop heads/pads have a positive charge whereas dirt and dust have a negative charge, thus the relationship is like that of a magnet. Cotton dust mop heads are gentler on a floor than a broom’s bristles and by contrast also work better than microfiber on rough surfaces because the cotton is more resilient to snags.

How often should you dust mop?

If you have pets or kids or both then I recommend you dust mop daily. Your hardwood floors are a treasure in your home, quite literally, as they add value and are not replaced cheaply. Buildup of dust, hair, and debris on your hardwood floors can increase the look of wear and tear on your floors because the friction of rugs, feet, or furniture against them can cause scuffs and scratches.