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10 Best marble cutting | pastry boards in 2020

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Almost every cook will prefer to use flexible kitchen tools to reduce the stress of cooking. Most of your regular meals require the nutrition value that meat, fish, or veggies provide to enrich it. Beside daily meals, we like to spoil ourselves with home-baked desserts and presents than in the best possible way for our friends and family. Marble cutting and pastry boards are great solutions for all mentioned above.

Using a marble cutting board to chop your ingredients for your recipes comes with a lot of benefits. Previously, people preferred to use a wooden cutting board to slice their condiments into smaller pieces. However, the process of chopping with a wooden cutting board may expose individuals to food poisoning. To avoid food poisoning resulting from a wooden cutting board, many cooks are now switching to marble cutting boards.

Same goes making homemade dough. Marble natural stone is always colder than room temperature so your dough will stay soft and in perfect condition for you to make amazing deser out of it.

For those of you who don’t have time to read my whole guide, here are my top 3 products on the list:

Benefits of using marble cutting and pastry boards in your Kitchen

Using marble cutting and pastry boards in your Kitchen comes with a lot of health benefits and more relaxed cooking time. Let’s name some of them

Best marble cutting pastry boards
  • Enables a convenient cutting process

Using a marble cutting board to cut meat and fish will guarantee a more convenient cutting process. You will feel more comfortable using your knife to hit the hard surface as the marble surface can withstand your knife’s pressure.

  • Improves efficiency in the cutting process

Since you have confidence that the marble surface will not crack or break your knife, you can always increase your cutting speed. As a result of this, your cooking speed will also increase, and cooking time will reduce.

  • Great for pastry

Marble surface is cold and great for preparing dough for your upcoming desert.

  • Durability

A marble cutting board is designed with a long-lasting material to prolong its useful life. It will resist the knife cut from penetrating its board. This extends lifespan compared to, for example, a wooden cutting board type. You still need to be careful falling from high surface on solid ground.

  • More hygienic than other cutting boards

When you cut fish and meat using a wooden cutting board, it could retain some piece of meat or fish after usage. Some of these remainders cannot be washed out entirely, and this can give rise to food poisoning. However, the marble cutting board is made with a non-porous and hard surface, which makes it impossible for a knife to cut off any part of it. As a result of this, the marble cutting board is more hygienic when compared with other cutting boards. It can resist bacteria that lead to food poisoning.

  • Easy to clean after usage

Every cooking utensil will require proper cleaning after use to get it ready for the next round of cooking. The marble cutting board is not left out. Since it comes with a smooth, hard surface, cleaning this type of cutting board will be much easier when compared to others. Every food that you cut on the marble cutting board will remain on its surface. You just need a little water mixed with washing liquid for wiping off tiny pieces of the remaining food particles. 

  • Great for food background

Are you a photographer? Marble can be used as a beautiful natural background for your food images.

10 Best marble cutting boards for Your Kitchen

Out there in the market, there are various types of marble cutting boards sold to people interested. You might find it challenging to select a suitable marble cutting board for your cooking process. Your confusion may occur due to the various type of marble cutting boards available or presented to you by the seller. 

Don’t worry, though; we have made it easy by compiling a great list for you. The best marble cutting boards for the Kitchen area:

1. Argon Heart Shaped Marble Kitchen Chopping Board White

Argon marble cutting board comes with love shaped design, which makes it a perfect gift for friends and family. The marble used in designing the argon tableware heart-shaped cutting board is a natural product, and that makes it authentic. Dimensions are 270mm x 15mm x 230mm. However, this type is not dishwasher safe, but you can wipe the surface after usage very easily.


  • It comes with a love shape, which makes it a perfect gift option for loved ones.
  • It is made from a natural marble product.
  • Every piece of this type of marble cutting board has an individual feel and look.
  • It includes soft padded feet to protect the surface from scratching
  • Multifunctional – it can be serving plate, hoping board or trivet.


  • It is not dishwasher safe.
  • The surface of this type of marble cutting board can break if it falls on a hard floor.

2. JEmarble Pastry | Cutting Board 12 by 16 inch

I am in love with the JEmarble cutting and pastry board. It has a clean and minimalistic design which fits in every kitchen. It is excellent for preparing chocolate tempering and dough as well. Supportive feet will make it stay out and impossible to slip away while cutting with it. Natural marble will keep the surface of your ingredients safe at all times. When you want to clean it, use warm water and dishwashing soap. Rinse it under clear water and let is dry completely.


  • Incredible clean and minimalistic look suitable for all kitchen designs.
  • Anti-slip feet for better safety.
  • It is durable.
  • Great for making pastry dough. Natural marble stone has great features staying cooler than room temperature.
  • Multipurpose design. It can be used as a serving plate or photographing background.


  • Hot foods on its surface decrease its durability. Make sure to avoid them.

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3. Plastic Marble cutting board set of 3, BPA Free

We all should have similar products to this plastic marble cutting board in our house. Even if this article is mainly about natural marble, I may add few items that look like marble, but they aren’t. Maybe some of you like natural stone design and don’t want price or durability aspect (read as the danger of falling). This plastic alternative comes in a set of 3. It is stain-resistant, non-porous, and dishwasher safe.


  • It’s cheap, and you get 3 peaces.
  • You can grab it firmly as it comes with a grip handle.
  • It is dishwasher safe.
  • It is durable.
  • BPA free
  • Non-porous
  • You can use both sides for chopping.


  • It is not natural stone (con or not)
  • Hot food ingredients can reduce their lifespan.

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4. Tempered Glass Marble Pattern Cutting Board

Tempered glass marble cutting board is the second of my “not” natural stone oriented products. I include it on the list because it is convenient, it can resist stain, and it’s dishwasher safe.


  • Straightforward cleaning process.
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Resistance to odor and stain compared to wooden or plastic cutting boards
  • It looks modern, so It can serve as a gift as well.
  • Rubber feet underneath will protect it from slipping off your countertop. They also prevent the board from scratching it.
  • Its usage is very versatile. It can be used as a tray, glass trivet, or regular cutting board.


  • By my opinion maybe to delicate. I like more real have natural stone boards. I have always feeling In will break something.

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5. Flexzion Marble Pastry Board 

Flexzion Marble Pastry Board is round and very convenient to be used as a serving tray as well. I love its clean, minimalistic design and highly recommend to all as a timeless piece of decor to have in your kitchen.

  1. TIP: keep your marble board in the freezer before using as a serving plate. In this case chocolate on it won’t melt longer 😀
  2. TIP: Rub some olive oil into your board to keep its lovely patterns very visible.


  • Great to use as a unique serving tray
  • The natural stone helps to maintain a cold temperature.
  • Rubber protection feet prevent the board from moving and falling out of the kitchen countertop.
  • Board is hand polish to bring extra smooth surface.
  • You can heat it up to 200-degree Fahrenheit to keep food warm but you need to avoid direct contact with the heat.
  • Marble board not as porous, therefore food will not stick.
  • It’s is very easy to clean.


  • Due to its high properties, it may go out of stock due to high demand.

6. Glass Lunarable Marble look Cutting Board

Lunarable marble look cutting board is measured at 15.5 by 11.5 inches. Its material is tempered glass, which has lat of great benefits. It does not break or scratch and is stain resistant. Multifunctional usage is another great feature. Your food served on such great looking glass marble look board will wow anybody present.


  • The cleaning process is straightforward.
  • you can put it in dishwasher
  • You can present it as a gift since it comes with artistic designs.
  • It withstands well in resistance to stains.
  • Tempered glass as material hardly break, scratch and is stain resistant.
  • Cutting board has no odor, is non-porous and non-absorbant.


  • You don’they any protection feet on the bottom of the plate so it is hard to pick up from the countertop. If water comes underneeth, it can become slippery.

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7. Fox Run 3827 Marble Pastry Board

Fox run 3827 marble pastry board has everything that you are looking to buy. Clean and minimalistic design with quality marble material. It is just the right size measuring 12 by 16 inches. The bottom part of this kitchen accessory is made with non-slip rubber to give adequate protection to the delicate surface.


  • It comes with a sleek minimalist design that can add value to your Kitchen.
  • 100% marble
  • Marble as natural stone stays cool, so it’s perfect for making dough or serving chocolate.
  • Rubber feet protects board from slipping your countertop.
  • Food doesn’t stick.


  • Its surface can break as a result of mismanagement.

8. Home Basic Marble Cutting Board

Home essential marble cutting board assists in preparing and chopping food or making pastry recipes. With cold surface your dough will stay in perfect shape all the time. You can use it also as an serving plate so its very versatile.


  • 100% natural marble
  • the cold surface is ideal for making pastry
  • Multifunctional product
  • Rubber feet on the bottom to protect the board from slipping on the kitchen surface
  • Does not absorb any odor
  • Cleaning this type of marble cutting board is simple. Use a little bit of mild soap, rinse with natural water,r and leave it dry completely.
  • Can serve as a trivet for resting hot pots when coming straight off the stove
  • Excellent customer support with over 10 years of work and satisfying customers.


  • It’s quite small – 12 x 7.9 x 0.7 inches. Check dimensions before buying.

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9. Alchemade Marble Cutting Board

Design of Alchemade Marble cutting board is ideal for special events and occasions. This one comes in a combination of white marble and a single piece of maple wood in the middle. It has a rope that can help users to hang it up in a convenient location. Its attractive design will always be an eyecatcher and story to tell to your guests.


  • Unique and attractive design great for a special occasion.
  • Great gift idea
  • It has a rope attached to it for hanging.
  • 100 % natural – a mix of marble and solid wood
  • Washing the Alchemade marble cutting board is straightforward.
  • It can serve for a long time.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed by the seller. If not happy with the product, he will refund you money, no question asked.


  • The piece of wood may become weak with time.
  • It is quite small. Check dimensions before ordering.

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10. Sur La Marble Pastry Board

If you’re searching for a big multifunctional marble pastry or cutting board, you have found one. Sur La marble board measures 16 by 20 inches and will offer you more than enough space to prepare your dough, serve chocolate to your guests or chop vegetables.


  • Large marble board with more than enough space to prepare your food
  • 100% made out of natural marble stone
  • elegant and clean design suitable for every kitchen.
  • cool surface will prevent dough from sticking
  • Easy to clean


  • It is quite substantial. You need to handle it carefully. It can chip on sides quite easily.

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How to clean the marble cutting board?

After using your marble cutting board to cut some food or make some dough, you will have to clean its surface. It’s effortless but before you commence with the cleaning exercise, you have to prepare some cleaning tools:

  • Sponge: You should get a suitable cleaning sponge that can scrub the surface of the cutting board well. You can use your usual dish sponge to clean them. However, ensure that your dish sponge can scrub the hard surface before considering it.
  • Two cups of water: Since the size of them is not large, you can commence your cleaning exercise with just two cups of water.
  • 2 teaspoons of liquid soap: You can measure two teaspoons of liquid soap for the cleaning exercise. Your preferable liquid soap must be foamy enough to enhance the cleaning process.
  • Spray bottle: You can complete your mixture using a suitable spray bottle. The spray bottle will make the cleaning process smooth and straightforward.
  • 1 teaspoon of white vinegar: When you include one teaspoon of white vinegar in your cleaning process, you can always achieve better results. White vinegar contains acidic content, which will enhance your cleaning exercise.

When you provide the above-listed cleaning elements, you will be able to remove every form of bacteria and food particles from the surface.

You can follow the steps below to clean your marble cutting boards:

  1. Make the two cups of water warm and transfer the warm water into the spray bottle. This process will enhance the safe cleaning of the marble surface.
  2. Mix the warm water with distilled white vinegar. This process will provide the required disinfectant to kill all bacteria on the marble surface.
  3. After adding the white vinegar, the next cleaning element to add to the spray bottle is the two teaspoons of liquid soap. The liquid soap will bring foamy attributes to the solution. Your cleaning process will become more apparent as a result of this addition.
  4. Seal off the bottle with its cover or topper and shake properly. This step will enable the entire cleaning elements to mix properly to achieve a better result.
  5. Apply the mixture on the marble surface and allow it to stay for a while before washing off.

What are marble cutting boards?

A Marble cutting board is made out of natural stone and comes with a non-porous and hard surface, which makes it a more convenient option for cutting. A lot of cooks prefer to use marble cutting boards over every other board because of its hygienic abilities.