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5 Best Baby Crib Mobiles for Nursery | Ultimate Guide

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Crib mobiles are more than a toy. They could benefit your baby more than you think. Find out what are amazing features and check my top 6 baby crib mobile list.

What Is A Baby Mobile?

Baby mobiles, also called crib mobiles are like toys that are hang above cribs, strollers, car seats or swings. It is a usually circular shaped with several colorful toys hanging from it.

Baby crib mobiles are amazing investment for your infant development.

This stuffed animals or toys are attached with a string at an angle that stays in the line of sight. Babies can see in from of them while awake. Moving colorful toys will grab your baby’s attention at once and entertain it for a while.

What are benefits of Crib Mobiles?

Crib mobiles will not only entertain your babie, but it will also help him/her develop much needed motor skills. They are considered the most effective infants stimulant for mental development.

Benefits having crib mobile:

  1. By trying to reach them your baby will strengthen his/her muscles.
  2. Colorful hanging get them fascinated and speed up brain development.
  3. The simple act of eye movements following crib mobile in motion helps your baby to develop eye muscles better.
  4. Continuous eye movements also make them sharper and more active. They start responding to external stimulants more quickly and more frequently.
  5. As time passes by and baby starts to control his or her head movements and following mobile while moving. Those movements strengthens head muscles as well. Some babies gain control of their head earlier than other babies who are not exposed to crib mobiles.
  6. In few months they will start trying to reach them with their hands. This will help develop head and eye coordination. This is considered most important milestone in the development of motor skills.
  7. When they try to reach crib mobile, their brain calculate the distance and eyes comprehend the depth. This is how they develop social awareness.
  8. Crib mobile will help your baby to have fun, relax and laugh. When babies laugh, brain releases a hormone that enables them to feel calm and happy.
  9. Colorful mobiles help them to sense different colors starting distinguish them from an early age.
  10. Some models come with soothing music tunes that help fussy babies to calm down and relax. 

Having a crib mobile in the nurseries does much more than being just a toy. It will help your treasure to develop brain, eye and muscles movements. Amazing right?!

Do They Help Baby Sleep?

We all know there is nothing more important than getting a good night sleep, especially for the new parents 😂 I have two boys (1 and 4) – believe me, I know! 😁

DIY handmade Crib mobile
Source: Pinterest

Crib mobiles can make your babies drift off to sleep easier and quicker. In general having them will help most babies but at the end it all depends to your i fant caracter. All in all percentage is so high and investment so small you should give it a shot.

One more great thing about sleep routine….

Babies should know when is time to sleep. Great benefit having it is to speed up adjustment to night routine. Each night lay down your baby in the crib and turn on the mobile music. By doing same proces over and over again they will know faster that it’s time to sleep. 

Should Baby Mobiles Be Colorful or not?

Yes off course. They should be colorful. Recognizing colors is an essential building block in a child’s development as I mentioned in benefits above.

So when you are trying to decorate a nursery or buying crib mobile, make sure it is full of colors.

Different types of Crib Mobiles

There are fundamentally only two types of crib mobiles available in the market:

  1. Crib mounted
  2. Ceiling mounted

Crib mounted mobiles

This type of mobile is attached to baby’s crib with a plastic attachment arm. Main part with toys hanging is in the center of the crib above your baby’s head.

Crib mounted mobile

In this type of mobile, crib holds all the weight of the toys. It is very easy to install and can be done by anyone.

Features crib mounted mobiles are:

  • Baby can clearly see the lights, motion, colors, and music as it directly hangs in the center of the crib. 
  • You can easily remove it and place it somewhere else as well.
  • Once baby starts sitting and climbing, it can be removed easily to avoid any choking hazards.

Ceiling mounted mobiles

This ones are attached to the ceiling of the baby’s room with a screw or a hook. They can be placed anywhere in the nursery where babies can easily see them, such as in the middle of the crib or the room.

Ceiling mounted mobiles
Source: Pinterest

The string goes all the way to the ceiling and it holds all the weight of the mobile. There are few things you need to know about ceiling mounted crib mobiles before buying them.

  • You will find Ceiling mounted mobiles usually larger than crib mobiles as they hang from the ceiling so that babies can see them easily.
  • It is mostly designed for older babies. They are placed a little bit higher without possibility accessing them or hold them. This way we avoid any choking hazards.
  • As ceiling-mounted crib mobiles are meant for older babies, they are available in larger variety of different designs, shapes, and colors helping babies learn faster.
  • Keep in mind – Hardware is required to install these kinds of crib mobiles. Once you will remove mobile from the ceiling , hole will be left behind. But it’s not rocket science to learn how to mount and fill the hole after 😂
  • You need to double check installation for safety reasons. As it hangs through the ceiling, it may fall and harm the baby if not installed properly.
  • As I mentioned earlier, Ceiling mounted crib mobile is for older babies. If your baby is young, it will be difficult for him/her to see it. Crib mounted crib mobiles are perfect for them insteed.

Features of a Perfect Crib Mobile

So what should perfect crib mobile have:

  • Type of crib mobile

This is the most important part. Look what type of mobile you want to buy and where you want to install it. It depends mainly how old your baby is. Check few paragraphs above if you skipped this part.

  • Movement

Some old or handmade type of crib mobiles only move by the wind and are not much entertaining. My suggestion is to search for battery operated type. You can easily replace them if needed. Also, check the movements of the mobile. Its motions should be smooth and gentle. You don’t want to wake your baby 😂

  • Number of toys

Some crib mobiles support only 2 or 3 toys. Search for those who support as many as possible. Your baby will be distracted longer time.

  • Sounds

My son loved sound of comming of my mobile. Some babies don’t. Try to play him some YouTube video and see how he/she reacts on it 😁

Whether you are buying crib mobile for your own baby or as a gift, make sure it has as many features as possible according to the age and demand of the baby. Technology can make things easier and help towards faster development. Let’s see Amazon’s top 10 choices and review them.

Best 5 Baby Crib Mobiles

Nursery mobiles as we saw above play vital role in the physical as well as in the mental development of our baby. They help them to develop visual and motor skills. I will review each of them and I hope I help you find right one for your baby.

I made chart for your with all important features of best 6 mobiles available so you can compare them quickly:

1. Tiny Love Meadow Days Take Along

This beautiful piece of nursery mobile is a hot seller on Amazon at the moment for a reason. It is recommended for babies 0 – 6 months. Below are some key features:

  • You can attach it on almost everything such as cribs, strollers, car seats, bassinets, etc.
  • It is lightweight so it can be carried everywhere a child goes without any hassle.
  • Smiling stuffed animals with big eyes will encourage childs communication
  • You can play up to 30 minutes of music with 5 melodies playing continuously. Growpic compared to Tiny Love has larger selection of music dividet in 3 categories but shorter in length.
  • You get practical velcro strap to attach it to infant carrier or clip to attach it on the stroller.
  • This mobile will invite your baby to discover Developmental Milestone in form of Language & Communication, Developmental Milestone in form of Senses and Emotional Inteligence.

2. GrowthPic Musical Mobile

GrowthPic Musical Mobile Got my attention threw its amazing colors. It has some advantages and some disadvantages compared to Tiny Love Meadow.

  • I love its amazing colorful pendants
  • Big advantage is large selection of music. It is dividet in 3 categories. (nature, cradle songs and joyful music) 20 engaging songs will. Me sure your baby is in good mood.
  • Volume of music can me regulated.
  • Bigest disadvantage is in its univetsatility. It can only be used on square bar crib. You don’t get clip or Velcro strap to attach it to other items other than crib itself.


If you don’t mind a bit higher price and searching for quality made mobile, Shiloh won’t get you disappointend.

  • You can adjust multiple functions such as play/pause, previous/next, track, volume control, music and rotation separation.
  • Unlike the first two nursery mobiles, it has 60 melodies that play up to 1 minute each. 
  • You can run it with or without the familiar tunes so your baby can just see the soft toy trucks, cars, animals, stars, etc…
  • Toys will squeeze or have ringing bell rattles inside. They are soft, easy to clean and made of non-toxic and durable ABS materials to ensure baby safety in case of biting them.

4. OMORC Baby Crib Mobile Music Box

We have solution for those who want to buy or make their own stuffed animals as well. You can order one of Amazon’s bestselling mobiles without the toys called OMORC.

  • This mobile suitable for children up to 3 years old.
  • The thickness of the attachable clip is up to 1.57 inches with a height of 2.75 inches.
  • Its hook rotates while playing music.
  • Big disadvantage (or not) is short playing time of only 2 to 3 minutes. (1 song)
  • It uses ABS material in white color without pollution.
  • Lose the spring to play the song “you are my sunshine”.
  • Great for all of you who like unique toys and make special design dor your baby
  • This item weighs 12.8 ounces and no batteries required to use it.
  • It comes only with holder arm bracket and winds up music box.

5. Fischer Price Precious Planet

Fischer Price Precious Planet mobile has one unique feature compared to most other mobiles – colorful lights. Read more where I describe its best features:

  • Colorful lights will help you keep your baby entertained longer. Later you can remove your mobile and project animal lights directly on the celing.
  • You will get colorful animals who will help your baby with visual brain development.
  • There are three different style of music songs to choose from up to 20 minutes of continuous music. You can either smooth or engage baby’s senses. It includes classical lullabies such as Bach, Mozart and Beethoven.
  • It measures 23.5 x 17.0 x 18.0 inches with 5 pounds total weight.
  • Universal clip to fit any baby crib
  • Advantage compared to other is remote control.


Mobile is not just a toy which will help get your baby sleep faster. It is an investment in to faster babies mental and physical development. I would say looking at my own kids – money well spend 🙂

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