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About us

Welcome to Tilen Space – a blog about flooring, interior design, exterior design, and everything in between.

My name is Tilen. I am an interior designer by education and an entrepreneur by heart. I graduated from Interior design college in Ljubljana and I own and run a furniture store called Opremisidom.

Tilen in front of Opremisidom store

Interior design and whole entrepreneurship mindset are around me for more than 15 years professionally. If I count jumping on mattresses being a young boy in my father’s warehouse, I can say my whole life 😂

I love to explore and learn new things. This is how Tilen Space was born. I breathe and sleep about everything flooring and interior design-related. It is my passion and I love to share it with others through my blog.

I am active on Facebook and LinkedIn, where you can follow me.


For interview opportunities and general press inquiries, please contact info@tilen.Space

Hopefully you learn something new with me!