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Best hardwood floor polish | 2021 Update

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Every homeowner takes great pride in having sparkling clean floors. Fortunately, if scratches mark your floors, there are ways to get them back to tip-top condition using hardwood floor polish.

The hardwood floor scratch removers are mild, non-toxic, and easy to use. Also, they are effective in removing scratch marks and also add shine to your floors.

These are my top three recommendations in case you’re in a rush:

I made a long list of some of the best scratch mark removers in the market, and you may want to try out some of them in your home. Soon, your struggles with scuffed, scarred, or scratched floors will be a faint memory.

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1. Rejuvenate All Floors Restorer

I love Rejuvenate floor polish and it is definitely my number one choice when it comes to polishing. His two biggest advantages by my opinion are universal floor usage and GreenGuard certificate. This amazing polish can be used Vinyl, hardwood, Tile, Linoleum, Terracotta and Laminate floors.

How to use Rejuvenate hardwood floor polish :

  1. Producer recommends to start by cleaning you floors with Rejuvenate hardwood floor cleaner first.
  2. When floors dry out start by pouring Rejuvenate floor polish on small area around 4 by 4 ft.
  3. Take microfibre mop and spread it threw your surface in direction of wooden planks.
  4. Producer recommends not to work it in to the surface. When spreaded evenly, move to new location.
  5. Wait 45 minutes before walking over.

NOTE: second cote is not needed. If you see you did missed some spot, you can apply Rejuvenate after, spread with mop and fix it.


  • Universal usage – can be used on multiple floors, including hardwood, vinyl, laminate, etc…
  • GreenGuard certificate – in short it means it is not harmful with low VOC present. You can read more about it here
  • Made in USA
  • Fills scratches and brings back shine to the wood floors like they used to be.
  • It needs only 45 minutes to completely dry out.
  • Very durable – it will last for months after new coat needed.
  • One bottle covers about 650 sq. ft..

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2. Bona Hardwood Floor Polish – High Gloss

Bona Hardwood floor polish is probably the most widely used and promoted polisher on Amazon. It is suggested by many professionals in this industry and also Greenguard certified. Same as Rejuvenate. They are neck to neck in terms of quality with Rejuvenate so I strongly recommend you go thtew their reviews before deciding which to choose.

How to apply Bona Floor Polish:

  • Like with all floor polishers you need to clean your floors first from dust and debris. Besides vacuum cleaning, Bona suggests using its Bona Hardwood Floor cleaner. You can read more about it in my blog post where I compare two most popular ones: Bona VS Bruce
  • Take your Bona polish and shake it gently for minute or so.
  • Take your microfiber mop and start pouring Bona onto the floors in form of the letter “S”.
  • Work on small sections at the time.
  • Spread polisher in direction of wooden planks evenly.
  • After you finish leave it 1 hour before walking over.


  • GreenGuard certificate – this certificate is so important to me personally because I do care about my and my family’s health. It proves that this product contains low VOC and no harsh chemicals.
  • Bestseller – Bona is proved to be accepted by customers really well. This is why it maintains high quality and safety measures compared to other competitors.
  • Durable – it will last a long time. The producer suggests that it should be applied every 2-4 months.
  • It dries fast – you can walk over in 45 minutes

Don’t believe me? CLICK HERE and read more from happy customers who bought it on Amazon.

3. Weiman Wood Floor Polish and Restorer

The Weiman’s Floor Polish and Restorer has amazing tradition since 1941.  One of key feature if you ask me, is environmentally friendly formula, not harmful for us, our kids and animals. It’s so called micro-filling technology will make sure your scratches fade and prevent new one from appearing again.

How to clean your floors with Weiman Wood Floor Polish and Restorer? 

  1. Remove dust and debris by sweeping or dusting your floors. 
  2. The company suggests for best results to use their Weiman hardwood floor cleaner but any similar alternative sollution will do just fine. 
  3. When you cleaned your floors with cleaner and dry them well, open your polisher. 
  4. Test it on some small corner of your floors first. NOTE: It is recommended only for finished hardwood floors only. Don’t use it on oiled, waxed, or unfinished/unsealed type of floors. 
  5. With zig zag movement of your hand pour it on your floors. Work in small sections. 
  6. Take your dry mop and spread your polish evenly threw your floors. 
  7. It needs around 30 minutes to dry out. 
  8. If you like higher shine repeat the process but wait at least an hour before coats. 


  • Capacity – 32 Ounce that works for a month
  • Versatile – Works for any kind or texture of wood, even the hard ones. 
  • Essence – Remove scratches with micro-filling technology. It gives the natural shine that will stay for a long time
  • Safe and healthy – environment friendly and safe to use around kids and animals
  • Friendly enough – Comes with instruction on the backside and also a helpline number
  • Responsive formula – Dries very quickly without any issues of slipperiness or tackiness


  • Permanency – It is not a permanent polish and can wear out within a few weeks. You need to repeat your proces at least once per Month. 

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4. Quick Shine High Traffic Hardwood Floor Luster and Polish

I love and always search for natural products. With two kids at home, safety is always first feature I search in product. Quick Shine Hardwood floor polish has all I need. With EPA approved and without chemicals such as aluminum, ammonia, paraben and formaldehyde you don’t need to worry having kids or pets playing on your floors just after you polished them.

Follow this Steps when using quick shine hardwood polish:

  1. Before applying quick shine polish, vacuum and dry clean your floors well.
  2. Use hardwood floor cleaner or some alternative method in addition.
  3. When your they dry out, take polish and pour small amount in “S” Shape on the floor.
  4. After quickly spread liquid with producers recommended quick shine hardwood floor mop. Any microfibre soft mop will do just fine.
  5. It needs only 30 minutes to dry out.
  6. You can apply additional coats to achieve higher luster.


  • Big Enough bottle – It’s packed in 27 Oz bottle
  • Experts recommended – Works best for floors with scratches and scrappy parts. It even removes the odor
  • Environmentally friendly – EPA approved without harsh chemicals
  • Quick – polish needs only 30 minutes to dry out.


  • Residue issues – The product can have some residual issues if not applied correctly. They can take a long time to wear off.

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5. Minwax 609504444 Hardwood Floor Reviver

Miniwax hardwood floor Reviver can be for you if you are searching for something stronger and more durable than ordinary polisher. Finish protective layer is colorless with high gloss shine present. Drying time is pretty quick. After 2 hours you can walk over and after 1 day move furniture around.

How to apply Minwax floor reviver:

Applying Miniwax floor reviever is pretty simple.

  1. First you need to vacuum your floors to avoid dust from sticking on to your floor after refinishing.
  2. To apply liquid, producer recommends to use something like this painter pad found in different stores.
  3. Pour you liquid on small part of the floor and spread it out. Repeat the process until everything is covered.
  4. Leave it to rest overnight.


  • Colorless– won’t change your original color of your hardwood floors.
  • Durable – Durability is one of key features of this product. It is made for sealed genuine hardwood floors. It’s not for other type of surfaces. After finishing it will last 3-6 months before new refinish needed.
  • Great Coverage – Just one bottle covers about 500 sq. feet of flooring
  • High gloss – exceptional results in just one touch. If you want Low Gloss you can find it HERE
  • Water based – water based formula so your cleaning will be straightforward.


Streaks on the floor – Excessive usage can lead to marks, stains, and streaks on the floor. Just follow steps and go threw above embedded video.

CLICK HERE if you want to read other reviews from customers who bought this product on Amazon.

6. Orange Glo Hardwood Floor 4-in-1 Monthly Polish

I would put Orange Glo strong wise somewhere in the middle between hardwood floor cleaners and polishers. It is more protective and stronger than cleaners out there but at the same time less durable than let’s say Miniwax. It should be applied as the name implies ones per month. Some are saying even every second week. It Will clean, protect, shine and revitalize your floors.

NOTE: Do not apply any polyurethane coat after orange Glo has been used. Either strip it with mixture of 1 cup of Amonia and little bit less than gallon of water or try to strip it with amonia based Windex. It works really well stripping film off your floors.

How to use Orange Glo hardwood floor polish?

  1. As with every polish you need to mop your floors and remove all dust gathered on them.
  2. With S movement of you hand pour Orange Glo on small area of your floor.
  3. Use damp mop and spread it along wood grains
  4. If your mop gets soiled during application, rinse it.
  5. Repeat process until your floor is covered.
  6. Your hardwood floors will dry out and reveal Brilliant shine after 15 minutes.


  • The 4 in 1 polish – with Orange Glo you will get your floors polishes, shineed, protected and revitalized with just one coat
  • Experts approved – This product is widely used by experts and people who want the best results for their floors


Harsh chemicals – product has some pretty harsh chemicals inside.

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7. Ultra HIGH Gloss 33% Solids Floor Finish Wax

For those of you who love extra high gloss finish, Ultra HIGH Gloss is the right choice for you. It is universal and can be used on multiple surfaces. I would use it in my store where we have wooden floors inside and tiles in our warehouse. You get quality and great looking protective layer to walk over. Large amount of liquid for reasonable price will take care months of worries and it’s super easy and straightforward to apply as well.


  • You get 1 gallon of solution which is amazing.
  • Very durable – after applying it, your floors will be resistant to Scruff and scratches.
  • Universal – It can be used on concrete, vinyl, tile, and other sealed surfaces


  • it needs 2-3 coats to achieve perfect results.
  • It can began peeling if to much water is applied after.

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How to remove polish from hardwood floors?

If we are not satisfied with end result of our hardwood floor polish and we want to get rid of it. There are three options.

A: You can use Bona polish remover on almost any polish (it does not need to be Bona).

  1. Apply it on the floor with mop and scrubbing pad
  2. Leave it sit for 5-10 minutes. Floors needs to be wet all the time. Do not let them dry out.
  3. Scrub area with scrubbing pad to lossen hardwood polish.
  4. Take
  5. Take cleaning mop and remove and clean all polish from the floors.
  6. At the end clean complete floor with any sorts of hardwood floor cleaner to bring it back to as it was before applying polish.

B: You can use amonia based Windex and try to remove it. Read my article: can I use Windex on my hardwood floors and you will learn everything your need to know.

C: You can mix 1 cup of Amonia with 1 gallon of water and try to remove your polish.