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Bona VS Bruce hardwood floor cleaners | Features + Q & A

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Hardwood floor is probably one of the largest investments in your home so we need to treat them well and use the best possible floor cleaners on them. If your floors are dull with a lot of micro scratches, Bona and Bruce hardwood floor cleaners should help you bring your wood’s natural beauty back to life.

Hardwood floor cleaned with bona floor polisher

At the same time, the life of your floors will prolong using them regularly. Try to avoid products that are not specially made for hardwood floors because they can damage them easily.

I think you would be interested in reading about Ammonia-free Windex cleaner. He cleans our floors surprisingly well.

Bona hardwood floor cleaner Features

Bona is is a water-based cleaner recommended by a lot of hardwood professionals around the USA. It is suitable to use on any finished wood floors. Company was established in 1919 with mind creating and inovating products for a daily clean and a lifetime of protection.

  • It is a residue-free, fast-drying solution
  • It reveals the floor’s natural shine and beauty by effectively removing dust, dirt, and grime.
  • You don’t need to mix or measure. Just spray and clean your hardwood floors.
  • It has Greenguard gold certificate which in short means: safe for people, pets and the planet.
  • You can use Bona on unwaxed and finished wooden floors.

After you empty your Bona spray bottles, you can order Floor Clener REFIL. Also I encourage you to CLICK HERE and read all customers reviews about this amazing products and decide by yourself. Below you will find few easy steps applying spray to your hardwood floors,

Bruce floor cleaner features

Bruce hardwood floor cleaner is choice of many floor professionalls as well. It is great at removing soil and scuffs. Great design with easy-to-use spray will make your cleaning much easier.

Let’s take closer look of Bruce floor cleaner features:

  • Bruce is residue-free floor cleaner
  • It comes packed in 2 x 64oz so you get the same quantity as Bona for a slightly higher price.
  • it should not be used on waxed floors similar to Bona. They should be unwaxed or unoiled.
  • Besides hardwood floors, you can use it on laminate and vinyl as well.
  • rectangular mop similar to this should be used to achieve the expected result.
  • The smell is ok and not that strong.
  • It doesn’t cost a lot of money. Great value for Money.

CLICK HERE to read reviews about Bruce hardwood polisher on Amazon.

Applying Bruce Hardwood cleaner – Step by Step

Follow these steps when Applying Bruce to your hardwood floors:

  1. STEP – You should remove all the furniture in the space where your polisher will be applied.
  2. STEP – Vacuum or sweep your floors so you haven’t and dust present on the floor.
  3. STEP – According to instructions, you should spray 4′ x 4′ space before moping it. Just spray and mop. You don’t need to rinse.
  4. STEP – Do not leave puddles of cleaner on the floor. We suggest you go and sweep along with the wood grain of your floors to achieve perfect results.
  5. Plan your sweeping. Make sure you don’t get trapped in a corner.
  6. STEP – When finished, leave your floors to dry completely. I suggest 1 h minimum.
  7. STEP – Optional for reaching perfect finish, repeat all steps next day.

Big shoutout to Jones Knows, hardwood floor expert who made side by side test on laminate floors. Take a closer look and see who wins

Bona hardwood floor polisher Features

Bona has in their collection also polishers. Pay attention – this are not cleaners – I heard some of people tend to mix Bona cleaner with Bona polisher so I decidet to describe this as well in my blog post.

CLICK HERE to read all customer reviews and see all the pros and cons of this amazing product. I pust together all features so you can easier decide if it is suitable for your needs.

  • Bona Hardwood Floor Polish will restore the luster to your hardwood floors.
  • It will offer an extra layer of protection against wear. This extra coat or protective layer fills in micro-scratches and gives even appearance to your floors.
  • You can order low or high gloss polish. It depends what do you prefer
  • It is made out of a very durable urethane acrylic blend.
  • One bottle will cover about 500 sq. feet. The good news is that if you keep on polishing your floor every 4 months, your next bottle will last for about 1000 sq. Feet.
  • It is made for all unwaxed, unoiled and polyurethane finished wood floors.
  • It has low VOC emissions and is GREENGUARD certified. No harm you or for environment.
  • Bona Hardwood Floor polisher isn’t a disinfectant. Be aware when you spill something hazardous on the floor.
  • Smells better compared to Bruce
  • It doesn’t cost a lot and offers great value for money.

How to use Bona hardwood polisher?

Bona should be used in a period of 2-4 months. It depends on traffic and other circumstances. Some recommend 2 coatings where you apply second coat day later for achieving the perfect look. Bona can also be used as a spot cleaner.

Follow below steps when cleaning with Bona Hardwood Floor polisher:

  1. STEP – Remove all furniture in the space where Bona polisher will be applied.
  2. STEP – Vacuum your floors so no dust will be present.
  3. STEP – Pour it on the floor but you need to be careful and remove all puddles of cleaner right away.
  4. STEP – either way you choose, start swiping polish with your mop until floors are completely covered. Don’t put pressure on the mop and try to work the polish into the floor. Leave the mop glide along the floor doing its job. When you do strokes, do them along with the wood grain of your floors.
  5. Make sure you don’t trap yourself in a corner when moping. Floors are very sticky until your polish will dry. Also, make sure any pets or people won’t try to walk over. Dirt and fur can stick easily until the floors are completely dry.
  6. STEP – When finished, leave it completely dry. I suggest 1 h minimum.
  7. STEP – Optional repeat all steps the next day.

Bona does not contain artificial shine like some wannabe cleaners do. It will evoke natural shine and beauty of your floors. Because of this keep in mind that maybe floors won’t look that shiny with first cleaning but after regular usage you will get perfect results you were aiming for.

What Accessories Go With Bona?

It is always best to listen to producers recommended products when it comes to other cleaning accessories. Bona suggests using its premium microfibre mop like on the video above you just watched. If you already have mop at your house, make sure it is suitable for hardwood floors. Floor buffers are not advised and not needed in collection with Bona. If you don’t have anything you may cinsider buying complete Bona Kit.

Is Bona hardwood floor cleaner safe?

Yes Bona is safe for you, your children’s and pets. It’s formula is GreenGuard Gold certified which is compliant with stringent emission levels for over 360 VOCs. There is also limit on the total of all chemical emissions combined (TVOC). Each product is tested for. More than 10000 chemicals annually to remain certified. They ensure products are acceptable for use in schools and healthcare facilities. You can read more at GreenGuard.Org

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As you saw, both hardwood cleaners are great quality with amazing reviews. They both will make significant change to your floors and make them shine again. Go and read some good and bad reviews and decide whatever feels right for you. You won’t regret end result.

Please note: Avoid harsh products in general. Hardwood floors are sensitive. Ammonia and wax-based cleaners, bleaches, detergent and acid substances will ruin your floor. Invest few dollars in to good stuff.

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