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Can You Use Swiffer on Hardwood Floors?

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Are you nervous about using swiffer on your hardwood floors? You are not alone; many homeowners are insecure about how to properly clean and care for this type of flooring. Maintenance, cleaning, and care of your gorgeous hardwood floors doesn’t have to be complicated.

Can you use swiffer on hardwood floors

Can you use swiffer on hardwood floors? Yes you Can Use Swiffer on Your Hardwood Floors. Swiffer products are a popular choice in homes for floors of all types because they are conveniently found in just about any grocery store, easy to use and store, and affordable; no problem.

However, the idea of applying a liquid solution to your beautifully finished hardwood floor may seem anxiety producing. Few steps should be followed in order to maintain your floors in perfect condition.

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Steps using Swiffer on hardwood floors.

Someone has already warned you that hardwood floors are high maintenance or easily damaged. Let’s put some of those anxieties to rest now. Swiffer is safe to use on your hardwood floors. The important thing to remember is that whatever brand of product you choose to use, you need to use products specific to hardwood flooring. I compare Bona VS Bruce hardwood floor cleaners in my other blog post. They are one of the most popular cleaners available on the market so you should check it out.

So lets follow this steps to keep your hardwood floor shiny, luxurious, and clean for long time.

Sweep or Dust Every Day

This is especially important if you have pets in your home because they shed hair and dander year-round.  Add that to your hair that naturally sheds, allergens, pollen, and particles of dust, they will build up on your floor and can cause problems if left alone too long. Heavy traffic over this build up, or dragging heavy items such as luggage or furniture over a dusty floor can cause scratches on the wood. Sweep once a day using a dry microfiber cloth or a Swiffer dry cloth sweeper.

Vacuum Once a Week

Sweeping with a Swiffer Sweeper will wipe up small particles like dust, dirt, pollen, and hair. However, once a week you are going to need to use the power of a vacuum to suck up larger objects and particles that inevitably settle in the cracks between the wood planking, in corners and along floorboards. Use a vacuum that has a setting for hard floors or consider the Swiffer Sweeper + Vac that is specially designed for vacuuming hardwood flooring.

Mop Using a Wood Flooring Solution on a Weekly Basis

We recommend that you mop once a week, and spot mop after a spill. Mopping will hydrate the floor and give it that luster and shine that is so special to hardwood flooring. When mopping it is important to use a cleaning solution that has been specifically created for hardwood floors.

Check instructions on the product before buying, if it still isn’t clear, you can usually visit the manufacturer’s website for an answer.

Swiffer has products specifically designed for mopping wood floors, called their Swiffer WetJet Wood Floor Spray Mop and cleaning solution. Be sure to sweep your floor before mopping to avoid spreading dirt, dust, and hair around on the floor which can cause scratches.

Can you use Swiffer on Wooden Deck Floors

This answer is a little different. Indoor hardwood flooring is usually a smooth and finished surface. By contrast, wooden deck floors often have a rougher grain and a rougher finish to the surface, or are simply unfinished.

Swiffer products don’t do well on surfaces such as wooden deck. Mainly because the Swiffer cloths, mops and sweepers can’t handle the rough surfaces. The cloths tear, and the smooth glide that you can get when using the Swiffer products on your indoor flooring just can’t be achieved.

Even if your deck’s wooden floor isn’t a harsh or rough surface, it still likely isn’t a good match. Swiffer’s wood flooring product line is intended for finished hard wood floors. If your deck flooring is oiled or waxed you need a product specifically designed for waxed or oiled wooden flooring.

What Can You Use to Clean Your Wooden Deck Floors?

Taking care of your wooden deck floor is similar to your indoor hardwood flooring in the sense that you should sweep and remove debris regularly, ideally, daily. The principal behind this is the same as for your indoors wood floors. The longer dirt and debris sit on your wood floor, the more time it has to sink and settle in.

When it’s time to do a deep cleaning for your deck floor, make your own cleaning solution at home:

  1. Clear your deck surface of all furniture, plants, tools, grill etc.
  2. Spray down the deck floor with your garden hose to give it a thorough soaking and slosh away any large clumps of debris.
  3. Dissolve one cup of OxiClean or powdered oxygen bleach into a bucket with one gallon of warm water.
  4. Add an eighth cup of liquid dish soap after the OxiClean has dissolved.
  5. Liberally spray down your deck surface with the garden hose
  6. Use a deck brush to liberally apply the solution to the floor. 
  7. Scrub the deck floor vigorously, you want the cleaning solution to produce a lather.
  8. Once the entire surface is scrubbed and lathered, let sit for 15 minutes.
  9. Rinse with garden hose.
  10. Let the sun fully dry your wooden deck floor before returning the previously removed furniture, plants, tools, grill to their original places.

This cleaning solution won’t harm your grass or plants, but we recommend that you wear gloves and even goggles while applying it. Protecting your eyes and skin from splashes is a good idea.

Organic Solution for Cleaning Your Wooden Deck Floors

If you are uncomfortable with the idea of using powdered oxygen bleach on your outdoor wooden flooring, no problem. MRO Chem makes an organic cleaner and degreaser called Citra Clean. It’s organic, made from citrus fruit solvents.

Taking Care of Hardwood Flooring Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated

So that’s really it. Hopefully you feel more confident now about how to take care of your beautiful hardwood flooring, both indoors and out. Taking a little time each day for sweeping will go a long way in extending the life of your hardwood floors and reduce the scratches that can come along with everyday life.

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