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10 Creative Ideas for Kitchen Soffits | Tips you Haven’t Thought

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Kitchen soffits are an inescapable part of the kitchen that needs special attention. Dealing with them can be very tricky if they create too much flange in your home. They cannot be removed but can be covered and dealt with in such a manner that they don’t look awkward.

Here are some creative ideas for kitchen soffits :

  • Add Moulding Border
  • Paint them
  • Add new cabinets
  • Cover Them With Artwork
  • Build a window
  • Place Plants
  • Cover Soffits with Beadboard
  • Use Sculptures or Books
  • Showcase Expensive Crockery
  • Use Tiles or Wallpapers

In this article, we are going to discuss what Kitchen soffits are, list some great ideas hiding them and tell you different compared to Eaves. If you are looking to remodel your kitchen keep on reading.

What are Kitchen Soffits? 

Kitchen soffits are often built above kitchen cabinets in order to hide pipes, wiring and other mechanical works. They are very common in houses built between the 1980s and 1990s.

The best place for soffits is above cabinets, directly under the ceiling.

Kitchen cabinets need to be on the right hight, easily approach by us. With this mean bottom and top cabinets. Heights are slowly changing because of the average hight of the population.

For example here in Slovenia my Kitchen Countertop is 34 inches above the ground. I am planning to put a new kitchen in my house shortly with Countertop 36 inches above the ground. Also, 90% of sales done in my showroom are with this higher dimension.

Think about your hight when you are buying your kitchen. Ergonomic hight of your countertop is really important if you spend lot of time inside.

Most people can reach up to 5 to 6 feet in order to fetch things from kitchen cabinets, beyond this, it becomes very uncomfortable especially for people with short heights. In most cases, there is a gap left between the kitchen cabinets and the ceilings.

The size and shape of soffits can vary depending upon the age of the home. Most of them are large boxy structures that give a very old and aesthetically unappealing look of the kitchen.

Removing Kitchen soffits is not an option, but we can disguise them in such a way that they look very elegant. Ignoring them often results in cobwebs, insects, and dust.

If your soffits are empty, they can be removed with little effort. On the other hand, filled with ductwork and pipes, removing them will only expose the mechanical work and make your kitchen much uglier.

Creative Ideas for Kitchen Soffits – Let’s make them Invisible

There is a number of ways you can cover, disguise these soffits. Below are the few options to turn them into the elegantly looking structure of your kitchen.

Add Molding add Border

If you have a large kitchen with large soffits than add molding. (see similar on Amazon compared to image below). The best idea is to design gracefully as it adds to the overall beauty of the kitchen itself.

Soffit moulding
Soffit molding

The molding will give an amazing outcome to most of the kitchen designs. I would not use it in modern and contemporary styles. Regarding molding, colors stick to natural color options. Best and timeless is always white.

Did you know? Molding border will also Thicken the Soffits

Find the kitchen border who will blend with the existing cabinets and will look like it is part of the design itself.

The border on top of the soffit

Paint the Soffits

If you are looking for a budget-friendly option to design kitchen soffits, painting them is your pick. Grab a paintbrush and paint the soffits with a color that will feel natural blend to your cabinets. This will give it a classy yet natural modern look.

Choose earth pastel colors so your soffits won’t pop first thing you come in to your kitchen. You want them to be i visible and part of your design.

Paint your soffits in natural color

Add New Cabinets

Building new cabinets just above the existing cabinets can also be useful. Raise the upper cabinets so that they touch the ceiling and put the existing one underneath. Hide soffit behind them. The depth of upper cabinets depends on your soffit.

Extra row of kitchen cabinets to hide kitchen soffit
The extra row of kitchen cabinets to hide kitchen soffit

Alternative if you design kitchen from scratch, you can make cabinets large enough to go from ceiling to suggested standard hight. Hide soffit behind them so nobody will know it exists.

A big storage kitchen cabinet can easily cover ugly wiring so it is visible and accessible when you open their doors. Because they are placed all the way to the ceiling, you won’t see wiring hidden on the upper corner. In most cases, you hide it by placing upper cabinet shelf beneath the soffit.

At the same time, you will get more storage and a more minimalistic and clean design look.

Cover Soffits With Artwork

Why not use the empty space to showcase some of your artwork? Place your favorite paintings in the horizontal or vertical position to make this space stand out. This is a great way to let your guests know about your artistic taste. Plus you can add style to the kitchen.

Build a Window

If you are capable enough of remolding your kitchen, then adding a window in that awkward gap would be great. Also, its hight most are appropriate. It depends how it looks inside and how big it is but in most cases it is quite hard to be done

Place Plants 

I am not a fan of this design but if you are a nature lover or like to have indoor plants, using soffits for this purpose is just another excellent idea. It can be done if you don’t have upper cabinets and use plants to hang on soffit itself.

You can paint the pots with any color you like or it can just be the same color as your soffit. Having plants in the kitchen would give it a beautiful natural out of the box look.

Cover Soffits with Beadboard

No matter how old this technique is, but it is very useful to cover kitchen soffits. Beadboards are easily available at any home improvement store.

You have to get it cut in order to match it with the size of your kitchen soffits. They are installed vertically. Once installed, don’t hesitate to decorate it with your favorite items. They are available in white color by default but can be painted in any color.

Use Sculptures or Books

Use this unreachable place to exhibit your love for sculptures. Common colors can be used. Kitchen soffits offer plenty of space to accommodate your unique pieces of art.

Use this space to store your old books or convert this space into something useful by building bookshelves. Be creative!

Showcase Expensive Crockery

Crockery no matter how expensive often go unnoticed when closed in cabinets. Use space above cabinets to showcase your love for it. Take advantage of this space and display some handsome accessories.

Use Tiles or Wallpapers

Using tiles or wallpapers on kitchen soffit can make it feel more contemporary. Wallpapers, no matter how old, are always in style.

They are available in unlimited colors and designs, you can choose any color to decorate soffits. Choose light or nude colors or go for darker tones to match or contrast with the existing structure of the kitchen.

Ceramic tiles are also a good option to use with your soffits. Tiles in bright or bold colors can give an instant uplifting look to your kitchen. Stone tiles will provide a more elegant look. Tin ceiling tiles can also be used if you want a more modern look of your kitchen.

Opportunities are endless. There are unlimited options to decorate kitchen soffits. In the end, it all depends on how you want them to look like. If none of the aforementioned décor ideas appeal to you, just use this space for storage.

Kitchen soffit storage
Kitchen soffit storage

What Is The Difference Between Eaves And Soffits?

Eaves and soffits are often mixed with each other. However, despite their closeness, they are quite different.

Eaves are the underside or edge of the roof that extends/hangs beyond the external wall of a building. This extension prevents walls from rainfall and keeps the moisture away from penetration.

Eaves also maintain a decent temperature of the house and prevent from excess sunlight. Besides these architectural benefits, Eaves are also being used to define a building’s overall look.

Soffits are the underside of the Eaves. The underside could be balcony, staircase, vault or any other structural element.

They are typically the horizontal underside of the eaves that connects it with the main body of the building. So technically, they can refer to the underside of anything constructed such as mentioned above.

What is typical dimension of kitchen soffit?

Typical dimension of kitchen soffit is 16 – 24 inches wide and around 12 inches hight for standard 8-foot tall kitchen.

What is the best material for soffit?

The best material for soffit today would be vinyl or aluminum. Old existing soffits are made out of wood so if they need facelift you may just repair existing ones.

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