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Do Office Chairs Damage Hardwood Floors?

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No room is truly complete without something to sit on. Office chairs are a very common type of seat for either personal or workrooms. But it’s also important to consider the type of flooring you have, especially if it’s at risk of being damaged by the seat you want.

Office chair wheels can definitely damage your hardwood floors. The only ways to combat this is to either purchase a floor mat that can resist scratches or to fully replace the wheels entirely with polyurethane wheels. If you’re looking to repair the floor that’s been damaged, you can either repolish or replace it.

When considering the type of chair you want, it’s important to look at the potential risk they can pose. As such, it’s important to ask if they can damage your floors.

Can Office Chairs Damage Hardwood Floors?

Can Office Chairs Damage Hardwood Floors?

Not exactly. The chairs themselves are not the culprit for your floor’s damage, but rather the wheels. The typical plastic wheels seen on many office chairs will most certainly damage your floor, while polyurethane or rubber-based wheels will not.

How Can I Protect My Hardwood Floors from Office Chair Wheels?

There are a few methods to protect your floor.

Use a Floor Mat or Carpet Protector

Floor mats or carpet protectors can be a quick and efficient way to protect your floor, as they are simply barriers between the floor and your chair. Being both cost-efficient and easy to clean, floor mats can be a convenient option for anyone.

Their few downsides are their limited area and overall design. As they are only mats, you can only roll your chair around so many places. Then there’s their design, which can be difficult to match with hardwood floor.

There are clear mats that allow you to see your hardwood floor if preferred, but they still can be visually off-putting for some.

Replace Your Chairs Wheels

As a direct solution, replacing the wheels of your chair can be efficient. Replacing the source of damage with hardwood safe wheels can be more desirable than a mat, as you are not limited in either space or room aesthetics.

If you are looking to replace your chair wheels, polyurethane wheels are the way to go.

When looking for wheels to use on the hardwood floors, look no further than polyurethane. These wheels can resist both heat and water, making them rather durable.

They are not only able to resist a manner of environments, but can also handle heavy loads should they need to. Their strong grip also ensures they won’t topple overpressure either.

How Do I Remove My Old Wheels?

To remove your old wheels, simply pull them out. Sometimes a few wheels can be a bit tough to remove, which can be assisted by a flathead screwdriver.

Place the flathead between the caster and stem of your chair wheel, then pry.

How Do I Install New Wheels?

All you need to do is to force the wheel stem into its respective hole. Sometimes this process can take a lot of effort though, which can be assisted by a rubber mallet or even a regular hammer.

Lightly tap the wheel into the hole it belongs to, and the wheel should lock into place.

Use Area Rug

A woven area rug can protect your hardwood floors from being scratched by the wheels. This floor covering is more visually appealing than a chair mat and can cover a larger surface if you have a large desk. To get rid of persistent dirt that may scratch your wooden flooring, clean your area rug on a regular basis.

Clean your Hardwood Floors

Regularly clean your hardwood floors from dust debris to avoid damage caused by office chairs. Most types of wooded floors would get scuffed and scratched by the regular movement of plastic chair wheels underneath. These marks then need to be sanded out and refinished.

Put felt protectors on

Putting felt protectors on office chair legs is a fantastic way to avoid harm to hardwood floors and costly repairs. You know how quickly even the finest scratch may form if you’ve ever witnessed wood flooring flex and move as someone strolls over it.

If your office chair doesn’t have Wheels I strongly suggest this felt protectors.

How Do I Fix Damage Caused by Office Chair Wheels?

If your flooring had been damaged at any point by scratchy wheels, there are a few repair options.

Repolish the floor

As the simplest and cheapest option, floor polishing may be all you need. If the scratches are not that deep, or if discoloring is taking over, then a bit of polish may be all that’s necessary.

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Replace the Hardwood

If the damage to the floor is truly serious, it may be best to replace the scratched floor entirely. This shouldn’t be the first option you go to when repairing flooring but is definitely a solution should it need to be done.

Realted Questions

Are Rubber Wheels a Good Replacement for Your Office Chair?

Rubber wheels are not a good replacement, as they tend to scratch hardwood as well. Rubber is better suited for outdoor use, when going over cracks and uneven ground, hence why they are usually used in tires.

Can I Grease a Chair Wheel Socket for Easier Installation?

This can work, but may not be as effective as using a rubber mallet or hammer. If the wheel isn’t too tough to put inside the socket, a lubricant will do. Should the wheel still not pop into place however, previously stated tools of assistance will do just fine.

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