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How do I storage | preserve and clean my stuffed animals?

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If your kids own a stuffed animal, and you’ve been looking for answers to how best you can care for these toys, search no more as we’ll be providing you with every necessary detail, concerning these toy’s safety.

How do I storage, preserve and clean my stuffed animals? Most popular storage for your stuffed animals are Storage bin, hammock or toy Cage. Consider cleaning them with hot water every week. You can use washing machine and dryer as well.

This is only short version of our answer check more about storage, cleaning and what you need to be aware of in detail below.

Why do we have stuffed Animals?

As humans, it is in our nature to love and show compassion whenever we find ourselves in a privileged position. However, just like in every other phenomenon, not everybody knows how to show love and care, which sometimes results in why people tend to learn one way or the other.

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While some people learn how to love perhaps from a kind gestures shown to them by a fellow human, others, the kids precisely, do learn by getting acquainted to an inanimate object text which they can show and display their affection.

DIY fox stuffed animal

Now, given that they are a few inanimate objects with which kids can actually use to express their feelings of love and care, most of them often tend to make stuffed animals their best friends.

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Meaning of Stuffed Animal

As defined by the cambridge dictionary, a stuffed animal is a toy animal made from cloth and filled with a soft material, so that it is pleasant to hold.

In other words, due to the soft and comforting experience found in holding a stuffed animal, kids can’t seem to get enough of these amazing set of toys.  

How to Storage stuffed animals

When it comes to the storage of these toys, they are a thousand and one ways with which one can actually keep them safe.

However, we’d be mentioning the top 10 storage options for your stuffed animals

  • Storing stuffed animals in a storage bean bag. They help your Kid learn how to clean his rooms after playing with toys. After stuffed animals are inside you can even use it as seating bag.
  • Displaying them on a corner hammock. This is also very effective storage. Your kids will throw toys inside and play at the same time when they clean their room. What could you ask for more?
  • Keeping them in a toy Cage. DIY toy Cage are Realy popular. You can make them or buy them on Etsy like one on picture below.
Stuffed animal toy Cage.
  • Placing them in a hanging organizer. This hanger organizers can be fun if you don’t have them to. Many. Otherwise this about buying between first few options.
Hanging organizer
Hanging organizer
  • You can make a large sized cupboard yourself and store them. If you are up for small DIY project you can make small cupboard or maybe find some old one and renew it as best stuffed animal storage ever 🙂
  • Use of a Hanging toy storage to store it. This is great organizer but as well for limited amount of toys. Before buying, count them in your home.
  • You can store stuffed animals in toy organizing boxes. This boxes are great. They are cheap and you can buy as you need them. You can even make your own if you have time.
Storage Toy basket for stuffed animals
Storage Toy basket (Amazon link)
  • Store it in a simple crate. If your room Is big enough and you like quality solid wood items check on Etsy this personalized storage creates.
Crate for stuffed animals and other toys
Crate for stuffed animals and other toys
  • Shoe organizers – maybe you have some in your home and aren’t used or you can find some cheap sollution on Amazon like this one here. This can be great for small stuffed animals and it can be attached on the wall or door as well.
Shoe organizer (link on Amazon)

With the above options available here, and a thousand out there, the ball to store your stuffed animal wherever you’d want, is in your court.

How To Preserve and Sanitize Stuffed animals

I’m sure the very last thing you would want your child to be is, get sick as a result of dirt and germs from a dirty stuffed animal. 

Thus, according to Dr.Myron Zitt, an allergist living in New York, the best way to clean a stuffed animal, is by washing them weekly. Wash them with use of hot water, allowing it to dry or placing it under a dryer for at least an hour. You should avoid bleaching them, so that the bleaching components can’t somehow find a way into your children’s mouth while they’re playing with it.

Can stuffed animals be washed using a washing machine? 

It’s totally fine to wash your children’s stuffed animals using a washing machine. However, there are two things you should take into consideration.

  • First think of these toys as your clothes. You know what happens if you wash your clothes frequently using a washing machine right? It will not only start losing quality, but look old.
  • secondly – You can’t wash your kids stuffed animals if
    • they come with a preinstalled music box 
    • Are not only fragile but too old.
    • Come with any glued items on their body.
    • Are made of glittering and delicate cloth material.
    • Are made up of small chips or balls in it

In other words,if your child’s toy has any of the above features, please don’t use a washing machine as it won’t only destroy the stuffed animal, but affect the washing machine as well.

Can stuffed animals be dry cleaned? 

Of course you can dry clean your stuffed animal either naturally (under the sun) or with the use of a dryer, for at most for an hour. 

Also, one has to take precaution as over drying these toys with the use of a dryer, could lead to inflaming the toy. 

Where can used stuffed animals be taken to?

Basically, if you have any stuffed animal you wish to discard, you can do so by either reselling them through the help of charity centers like Goodwill charity centers, or donating to the following;

  • Local shelters and children’s centers 
  • Nursery and preschools 
  • Church charities 
  • Online merchandise like Craigslist, Freecycle and so on.

However, like what most people do, avoid giving out spoilt and malfunctioned toys to these agencies. That is, if they are spoilt kindly throw them away. 

And there you have it, all cozy stuffed animal. Next time you plan to get one for your kids, make sure that you don’t only think of where to store them, but how you plan to preserve and clean it.

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Related Questions

Can you vacuum seal stuffed animals?

Stuffed animals can be vacum sealed. It’s great option. If you don’t have lot of space in your house to store them.
You can find cheap universal space bags designed for most of the vacuumers. After filling it just suck air out to get flat bag ready to store. Don’t worry, they will stay in great shape inside. Bugs and mold could not get inside as well. Before putting the toys in the vacuum bag, wrap them in a clean and soft sheet before dropping them inside. This way they will smell all fresh and nice.

How do you organize big stuffed animals?

Big stuffed animals can be hard to store becouse they take a lot of space in your room. Best option from already mentioned ways would be storage, Crate or Cage. If you like them on your wall, install special shelf for your stuffed animals to place them on. This will help you get them organized and take down only those, which you child is playing with on regular basis.

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