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How do you winterize a sunroom? 4 Tips to Get you Warm

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Fresh sunny mornings are over and we need to start thinking how to winterize a sunroom. It can be a welcoming and desirable space even in the cooler months of the year. We just need to winterize it properly.

How do you winterize a sunroom?

There are four steps you could do to winterize a sunroom. Start by deep cleaning it. When you cleaned it, add coziness to your space and insulate everything so cold doesn’t dome inside. In the end add to your sunroom heat source so you will make sure to be warm at all times during cold winter days.

There are few essential tips when preparing sunroom for your cold days. You don’t have to have a large budget to follow them.

How do you winterize a sunroom?

I’m going to dive deeper into each of those steps and guide you through the process so that you can enjoy those sunny days in spite of the cold outside your walls.

1 Step: Deep Clean your sunroom

This step may require you to roll up your sleeves a bit and dedicate a full morning (or day!) but the results justify the means, I promise you.


Seashells or other decorations that fit so well with the hot breezy days of summer, don’t seem as whimsical when it’s cold. Any outdoor toys, that are stored in the sunroom when not in use, should be put away as well.

Pack them up and put them into storage. You’ll probably naturally add some season appropriate decor once you get to the “Cozy is Key” stage. 


Close all the windows and then get to dusting. Dust the entire room starting from the top and working your way down.

Don’t forget to dust the ceiling fan!

You’ll be surprised how much dust accumulates on the blades of a fan. If you’re dusting any wood furniture, make sure you clean the base boards – they can be easily forgotten as well.

Roll up any area rugs and remove as much furniture as you can. Then dust mop and damp mop your floor (or if you have carpet, vacuum thoroughly). 


Clean both the outdoor and indoor glass panes of your windows. You want the light to come in undiluted or marred by streaks and smears from leftover spring and summer wind dust.

Use a special glass cleaner such as Windex, or make a cleaning solution of your own at home by combining water, white vinegar, and a bit of dish soap to a spray bottle.

2 Step: Cozy is Key

Coziness is not something we generally look for when we think of warm or hot days. During Hot days we want to cool off, we want a breeze and relax as much as possible.

When we think of cool autumn days and colder winter afternoons, coziness becomes an important part of finding comfort.

To make your sunroom feel cozy, here are the points of interest to focus on:

Consider the furniture in your sunroom

Is your furniture slatted or wicker designed to let breezes through to cool your body as you relax? Increase your cozy factor on that summery type of furniture by adding plush and pillowy cushions of soft but warm materials such as flannel, or velvet fabric.

Great example for adding coziness would be:

Leather brown sofa is great in summer but it can be very cold in winter. By adding a touch of coziness with blankets and pillows, it will look and feel amazing threw the whole year.

Keep your feet warm

If your feet are cold, it’s almost impossible for the rest of your body to get warm. Cover your cool hard floors with luxurious looking area rugs such as this on Amazon. You don’t have to break the bank to do that either. Check out my post on polypropylene rugs to learn more about why they are so affordable and what makes them a great choice for your hard surface floors.

Floor lamps and table lamps

As the days grow colder, they also grow shorter. Infuse the room with soft warm lighting in the evenings by adding a floor lamp or a table lamp in a position next to a reading chair or the sofa.

Have throw blankets available

When you’re still just a bit chilled in the room but don’t want to leave, the perfect fix is to grab a warm throw blanket to pull over your lap. Have more than one, and either drapes them over the backs of your furniture or store them folded in easy reach in the room. Mix and match textures and materials for a layered luxurious look.

Color can have a big impact

When purchasing or repurposing rugs, lamps, pillows, and throws from other rooms in the house, consider how the colors you choose, can have an impact on the feeling of the room. Pastels are often associated with spring and summer, whereas deep jewel tones or earthy tones are more associated with autumn and winter.

3 step: Insulation Matters

When winterize a sunroom, you need to think about insulation. You might not mind a draft breezing through your sunroom during the warmer months.

It might even be welcome.

But when that draft coming through is very cold, it’ll sap the heat right out of your room and your body. So, focus a bit on insulation.

Check the door frame

It’s not terribly uncommon for there to be a bit of a gap between the bottom of the door to the outside, and the floor. This is rather easily remedied by purchasing a draft guard. I recommend the Twin Draft Guard which is available in a variety of colors.

Check your window frames

Are there any gaps that let air in from the outdoors? If so, you can fill them yourself with a paintable latex silicone caulk. You can also consider purchasing thermo-insulated curtains. You can open the curtains or drapes during the day when you want the sun shining on the room, and then close the curtains in the evenings to insulate the room.

4 Step: Have a Heat Source in your sunroom

Depending on your budget, you can install electric heating in your baseboards, or purchase a couple of small electric space heaters. In particular, I love the look and sound of an electric fireplace space heater, like this Duraflame on Amazon. The crackling and the light it gives off is rather nostalgic and certainly provides a warm aura to the room.

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