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How to choose best outdoor furniture material [guide]

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Choosing best outdoor furniture material is based on primary factors such as weather conditions and secondary factors such as style and overall look of choosen furniture.

Our wish is to take everything in consideration and help you describing each features and their pros and cons.
Choosing your outdoor furniture is mostly the same process as choosing the perfect furniture for your indoor space. However, when it comes to outdoor furniture, you may and should consider weather conditions as your prime factor of decision.

At the end balance between weather, easy maintenance and design is key to success and long life of your future investment.
The market is full of various types of furniture material depending on one’s preferences, weather conditions, budget, and so on.

Should I go for aluminum or with teak? Ultra-contemporary, modern, or casual transitional? Should I consider factors like rain?

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Primary factors to consider when choosing the best outdoor furniture materials

No doubt, with the appearance and aesthetic, outdoor furniture needs to retain the structural durability and may have to deal with different weather conditions. Similarly, it’s crucial to consider how much time and efforts does a particular material demands for its maintenance.

Rain & Moisture

Living in an area where you experience frequent rainstorms or high humidity can directly affect the lifespan and durability of outdoor upholstery. You need to know how to choose best outdoor furniture material which can stand easily against weather damages. Moisture and humidity can compromise the quality really fast if material is not right.

When buying your next outdoor furniture peace, make sure it is water resistant.

Sun & Temperature

Sun exposure and UV rays can be problem as well for some materials. They can compromise on the luster and durability of the furniture. Due to continuous exposure to UV rays, the material can easily fade out and sometimes become brittle due to changing weather conditions, when they are heated or cold. So choose a material that can withstand changing temperature and remain unaffected to exposure to the sun.

Care Difficulty

Beside weather, we don’t want to spent to much time and money maintening our furniture. Every type of material demands a particular amount of care and attention. Maybe a specific material looks incredibly flawless and goes with the overall look of the patio, but possibly requires constant care and attention, season after season. So wise would be keeping in mind also this factor.

TIP: Outdoor furniture made of PE Rattan is really easy to maintain and inexpensieve to buy.

Outdoor furniture made of PE Rattan is really easy to maintain and inexpensieve to buy.
Rocking chairs made out of PE Rattan


Every penny counts!

We all have different budget in mind. Outdoor furniture varies in price a lot depending on material type you choose. Make sure you choose one, which will not break your bank and at the same time meet all your visual and aesthetic needs.

Secondary factors to consider when choosing the best outdoor furniture materials

Before you begin the search for furniture material, make sure you consider these secondary factors. Questions we need to ask ourselfs before buying.

How you will use your outdoor furniture? Are you going to use more for dining or lounging? Are you looking more for durability and long life or comfort?

Knowing this will help you decide between material easy to treat like teak or plastic or on the other hand some great upholstered sofa sets which needs a bit more care. Most of upholistered lounge sofas comes with durable easy clean fabrics so don’t worry about stains to much. They will go off easily. Meassure your dimmension and make sure furniture you order is not to big.

Outdoor furniture: Choosing the right material

More than anything, the material of furniture will tell you how long it’s going to withstand the weather conditions and how much care it demands, season after season. We will discusse some different types of materials available. I will write features, pros, and cons of each individual so that you can make a better knowledge how to choose right one.


wooden outdoor furniture
Wooden outdoor furniture

Since eons of time—wood has been used to manufacture indoor and outdoor furniture. Wooden furniture is a class act in an eternity. It’s natural look attracts lot of designers to include it in their outdoor designs. End overall look of your design environment will look natural, refreshing, and elegant. However, not every wooden furniture promise you durability. There are varieties in terms of wood quality like many softwoods such as cider and pine are soft-pressured and so inexpensive. And when something is cheap, usualy means quality can be compromised.
While hardwood provides longevity, durability, and demands less attention and care as compared to other inexpensive qualities.


It gives natural beauty to your outdoor furniture.
You can find a great variety of woods to choose from, depending on cost and finish.


Sun exposure and temperature can fade out the color, and damage the texture of the furniture.
Stains are usually not easy to remove from wooden furniture.


Teak is the most popular outdoor furniture material currently available in the market. Although it’s expensive, but with good reason. Due to its tight wood grains, teak is loved by everyone. It can resist hard weather conditions and its water resistance is amazing. It so because of natural oil content which keeps this furniture protected from moist, sun exposure damage, and pests. Teak is also ideal choice for outdoor furniture because of its golden honey color. It adds appealing look to the overall beauty of your patio.
With periodic oil application, you can keep teak long for years. It’s the durability of material which makes it sturdy and crackle less.


It provides durability due to the presence of tight wood grains, which helps it withstand weather stresses and load.
Due to natural oil, it acts as a natural repellent to termites and also repels moisture to seeping deep into the furniture.


Teak is quite expensive furniture material which not all can afford. It’s less available due to high demand and the manufacturing process.

Other Woods

Depending on the durability, elasticity, and maintenance, many other kinds of wood are available which can complement your space. Shorea is one of them. It is reddish gold South Asian hardwood material. Dense wood such as Eucalyptus, and Mahogany are also great options due to their great resistance features.
All these have one thing in common, they demand proper care and attention to be able to sustain longer.


Metal is highly durable material, strong, and worth investing. It has been used for centuries for garden furniture. The durability and metallic frames make it a good choice because it can be molded into many thinner structures easily as compared to other materials. The variety is unlimited when it comes to casting and welding to design from contemporary to classical or anything in between. Metal can be molded into various furniture structures without using bolts, and screws. A genuine choice for improving the overall visual appeal of your garden.


Steel is durable, strong, and can be welded in any shape.
It performance good against weather conditions as compared to other types.


It gets heat up with continuous exposure to the sun, makes it uncomfortable to use.


Aluminium being lightweight, durable, and weather resistant is less expensive, demands less maintenance, and can work in a variety of intricate shapes. We can enhance the aesthetic appearence and durability of the material with polyester powder coating. Due to its lightweight property, I would consider it as the best choice for chairs and tables to move and stack easily. Like many other materials, aluminum gets quickly heat up due to sun exposure and so can be uncomfortable to use.


Aluminum is durable, weather-resistant, lightweight and above of all inexpensive furniture option.
It goes will with beautiful natural garden scenery.


Hollow tube frames can be heated up in hot weather, and with retaining heat they can be discomforting.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel outdoor furniture

Stainless steel is the sturdiest metal alloy used as patio furniture. Because of its durability, and weather resistant properties, stainless steel considers as great choice for outdoor furniture and proffesional kitchen appliances.

It’s weight-bearing so you can use it to manufacture chairs, tables, and other furniture pieces which will remain weather-resistant and will hardly been blow away in a storm. Stainless steel endures extreme temperatures and stands well against heat and sun exposure. The perfect composition of this metal makes it perfect immune to corrosion and rust, but still powder coating is recommended.

So if you want to add high-end, modern, and remarkably contemporary sleek design beauty to your patio space, then stainless steel is the ultimate choice. Although it’s not inexpensive, it can save you a lot of trouble if you invest in this material.


It’s highly durable and weather-resistant and repellent to rust and corrosion.
It gives a chic and elegant look to your outdoor space.


It’s expensive as compared to other materials and retains heat.


Getting popularity day by day in the furniture world, due to the properties it holds. With the manufacturing process and hybrid composition, plastic can be transforemed in any shape and size. Due to its weather-resistant properties, and less demand for care, plastic is an ideal choice for all. When it comes to designs and colors, options are limitless.


It’s lightweight, inexpensive and above of all can be molded into the fine structure.
It’s an ideal choice for enhancing the stylish and modern look of your outdoor patio.


It can break and cracks due to heavyweight.

Plastic types in use in the furniture manufacturing are:
– High density polyethylene (HDPE)
– Polypropylene (PP)
– Polycarbonate (PC)
– Poly (methyl methacrylate) (PMMA)

Outdoor furniture accessories

When it comes to outdoor furniture, try to play with different textures and patterns. Avoid mixing to much colors. Stick to two or maybe three at most. Below example is perfect mix of texture and color.

With quick search and few simple accessories you can turn any outdoor lounge area in to designer oasis.

black pillow outdoor indoor use
Black|white outdoor pillow


There are many materials which you can consider, but again it depends on your preference, taste, and the look of outdoor space. You should choose something that benefits you in a long-run and complement your style and weather conditions. I hope this guide will help you to decide how to choose best outdoor furniture material.

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