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How to Clean Grout off Natural Stone Tile?

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Everyone knows that home improvements are a daunting task, and the work doesn’t end when it is completed! A very time-consuming part of home renovation is cleaning up after you are done. One of the peskiest parts of tiling your floors is the cleanup.

How to Clean Grout off Natural Stone Tile?

So, how do you clean the grout off your natural stone tiles? 

To clean grout off of natural stone tile, you need to make a mixture of water and vinegar, spray it on the tiles and use a soft-bristled brush to scrub the tiles. This should remove the grout and all other debris.    

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What is Grout?

Grout is a dense fluid that is used to fill gaps or act as reinforcement when tiling. When tiling, you use the grout to fill the area between the tiles. Using grout is the easy part, cleaning it up is much more difficult!

Cleaning Grout Haze off Natural Stone Tile

Cleaning grout off natural tiles, or natural stone, is not as easy as cleaning it off regular prefabricated tiles, for which you can find readily available chemicals at any home store.

Natural tiles have a porous surface that clings to cement and dirt, making the stain deep and tougher to clean. 

The first step in doing this is to determine if the residue is grout or if it is a slight film that has caused the tiles to decolor. 

How to remove the haze film from natural stone tiles?

If you remember to apply grout grease before starting the grouting process, this problem is fairly preventable. If you don’t, the leftover haze is fairly difficult to remove, but not impossible. To start the process, you have to apply a haze remover on the stone tile.

In addition you need a Scotch-Brite pad to scrub it off. Get the pad wet and scrub the surface to remove the grout haze.

This should do the trick, but if you’re still left with a discolored appearance, it means the tiles were not sealed properly.

Clean Grout with vinegar

It is really easy to make a mixture (home grout remover) that works for this.

  1. Mix a solution of half water and half vinegar in a spray bottle
  2. Spray the mixture after mixing it well on the affected areas and leave for five minutes.
  3. Wipe the grout-stained area with a damp sponge or the Scotch-Brite Pad.
  4. If it doesn’t, try using a soft-bristled scrub brush to scrub the grout from the tiles.
Removing Grout off Natural Stone Tiles

While using vinegar, know that it has a mild acidic Hp. Using vinegar directly may result in the tiles to decolor so making a diluted solution with water will do the trick. The diluted solution helps in loosening the bond of the dirt and grout from the stone tile making it easy to clean.

TIP: If using a Scotch-Brite pad with water doesn’t do the trick, try using a haze remover to get the natural color of your stone tile back.

Maintain clean grout lines Using a Grout Cleaner

Grout cleaning solutions can be brought from any home improvement store.

When using a grout cleaner, look at the ingredients and instructions. Make sure it is safe to use on your delicate natural stone tiles. The brand does not matter, as all do the trick just fine. Following the instructions is mandatory because it gives you an idea about how to use the cleaner.

I love Sheiner’s Stone and Tile Cleaner and acid free Black diamond grout cleaner. Both can be found on Amazon.

1. Sheiner’s Stone and Tile Cleaner

Sheiner’s Stone and Tile Cleaner is little bit more stronger compared to Black Diamond. It will make sure your toughest dirt will come off your natural stone tile.

This universal cleaner can be used on other surfaces beside natural stone such as Laminate, Vinyl and linoleum.

What I Love about Sheiner’s Stone:

  • Made in the USA
  • It is very strong and can remove the toughest dirt and buildup.
  • it is universal and can be used on many surfaces beside natural stone
  • without harmful chemicals and made with natural and organic ingredients
  • safe for family and pets

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2. Black diamond grout cleaner

What I Love about Black Diamond

  • Made in USA
  • Safe for Kids and Pets
  • USDA Certified
  • BIOBASED, made out of natural components but can clean grout same or better compared to petroleum containing Cleaning sollutions.
  • Designed specifically for natural stone tile maintenance such as high-end Granite, Marble.
  • Safe for food contact
  • Removes oil, fingerprints and grease with ease.
  • Worry free. They offer 100% Money-Back if you are not satisfied.

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All the grout cleaners are made with different chemicals and different consistencies. Therefore, each will be used differently for optimum results. It is essential that you read the instructions properly before using it.