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How to Design a baby nursery room [quide]

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Designing a nursery room for your upcoming baby can be fun and happy experience but at the same time a bit stressfull. The most important thing at the end is to make you smile after creating you dream nursery room. My name is Tilen. I am father of two adorable Boys, interior designer by education and selling furniture my whole life. Hope you will take little time and read my quide how to design a nursery room step by step 😊

Choosing syle concept of your nursery room – Think about the future

When choosing Specific Style or Theme design of your nursery room, keep in mind about the future. How your upcoming baby will use it later on when growing up. If design is right you will only need to replace crib with bigger bed when designing kids room.

This way you will save yourself some costs not having to buy another room. Great feature of most Cribs are two sides which convert it to toddler bed by removing protection. Your Child would use it Just before buying regular teen bed. You don’t need to focus on one syle but it is better and more eye appeling to do Just that.

nursery room design - tilen space

Invest in quality furniture|nursery room safety regulations

Safety of our baby is the most important thing so we need to pay attention to furniture we buy. In most countries there are strict laws what can be sold as nursery furniture and luckily not a lot of low quality furniture can be found.

Eu and US safety regulations

If you leave in EU Search for TUEV tested safety. Usage of ecologically and healthy uncritical material are one of things I would look for. In EU all surfaces made of wood or other material should correspond to the norm DIN EN 71-3. This standard tell us limits for the pollutant burden of toys used by responsible manufacturers of furniture for children and Nursery room. For all components producer should have proofs for absence of pollutants. Example would be E1 proof for particleboard. Also distance of bar grids of Baby Cribs should be between 45 – 65 mm and a surmountable height of 600 mm as minimum. US vary a bit from EU safety standards so you can read them here.

Do not leave your child unattended

Image source: The Gro company

Safety standards have evolved a lot over last years. Pay attention to your number 1 peace of furniture in the room – baby crib. Since crib is the one place you’ll leave your baby alone, it’s needed to be save and quality made.

The changing table

Look for Changing table with a lot of storage space around. You will need place for Diapers, changing pad covers, wipes, spare clothes, lotions, thermometers, nail clippers, ,…. Buy either big freestanding table which can be repurpused in to storage later or buy changing tops which can be mounted on top of any dresser. They provider wide enough space to storage all accessories needed on daily basis when changing diapers.

At the beginning changing won’t be that difficult but after few months baby will start to turn an make it more complicated. Try to hang a mobile above or give him some toy to play with while you take care of “business” . Invest in extra cotton changing sheets. You will. Need them for sure before you know it.

mobile - nursery room design

Nursery chair

You will spend a lot of time feeding your baby. Without comfortable chair everything would be lot harder. Best option would be rocking chair with
arm rests. The movement will help your baby to relax, feed quicker, cuddle and get him/her to sleep if needed. Think about ottoman for your feet to relax.

Nursery room chair Arlo & Jacob
Nursery room chair Arlo & Jacob

Choose fabric that cleans easily. This kind of fabrics usually have Aqua clean or easy clean sign. and holds up to a lot of use and can be cleaned with water. 

A high-quality, rocking chair can last very long time and pass onto your grand kids. While holding sleeping infant you will need mobile phone to take pictures, water bottle , lamp to turn on/off, blanket or some other accessories without waking him/her up. Make sure some practical bookcase will be nearby.

Storage for your nursery room

You need a LOT of storage for your nursery room. Diapers, toys, blankets, clothes, books,…… Think about the future. Buy quality furniture which can be used later on when child grows up. Search for light colors. Your infant clothes will be very tiny. Use hanging organizers to store them until they get bigger 🙂

Scheardt Coco white

Nursery room Colors – pay attention to size of you room

How big is your room? Do you have big Windows with lot of natural light or do you need to bright it up? Light colors will make your room bigger. Use them if your room Is small. Add colors only of you have lot of natural light. Better paint only one accent wall with bright color and leave rest in light. Even if you love bright and strong color, don’t use them in small room. Buy bright accessories instead. We spoke before about buying furniture on long term. Same apply to colors. We get bored of strong colors fast. Maybe some strong blue and green will be popular when my boy is 7 but after he will bring Girls to his home, colors will change fast to normal and bright 😉

Pastel colors
Pastel colors are great choice for your Nursery room

We can be less strict with color as with furniture because you can easily replace them and not loose to much time or money. This year pastel colors are really popular. Consider choosing them. They are not strong and do really well in nursery room’s.

Choose furniture and accessories first before painting your room. You will have much easier job narrowing down final nursery room wall colors.

Accessories can be brighter and bolder colors.

You can “go wild” with accessories and make them bright and bold. Give your baby something to look at. They represent around 10% of over all room feeling so they won’t Visualy affect or over take you primary wall color which is considered around 60% of you nursery room. Accessories add Just right amount of playfullness and will put your design on another level. Play with colors and color Accessories such as nursery textile, wall papers and toys. Choose them before choosing main wall color.

done by deer nursery room accessories
Done by Deer

Go bold with carpet colors and choose soft material. Your baby will be a lot on the ground so it is important, carpet is good quality. Don’t buy hand tufted type because they tend to loose fibers naturally during their usage and your baby could swallow them. Search in kids category because manufacturers pay attention to quality made for infants and kids.

Image source: Opremisidom

Bedding accessories

Baby bedding together with crib and wall color will form your nursery room main color palette. With Bedding accessories you want to bright your main lighter colors and add them some boldness and in general have fun, pulling out your own Style.

Done by Deer nursery room bedding set
Done by Deer bedding set

Don’t Use more than 3 colors in your nursery room

At the end , when you look at your color palette, don’t use more than 3 – max four colors. This is really important not to get overwhelmed and putting to much color inside. It will just not make any sense.

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