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How to design your kid’s room – 7 ways you didn’t know

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Kid’s room design Is always fun project to go after. At the same time, thinking different with so many “seen” designs can be hard. I will show you some designs you haven’t seen before and help you start thinking out of the box.

Our kids spent a lot of time inside their rooms sleeping, learning and playing. Taking this in to consideration, each room should have space for storage and at the same feel open for “playing time” and learning expirience. My name is Tilen. I am interior designer and kid’s rooms are my passion. This are my out of box guides to your perfect room.

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Choose design of your kid’s room

If you have some furniture left from nursery room, search for similar to go with. Hope you choose some light colors like White to have less problems now finding same or simiral furniture.

When designing your kid’s room don’t look your overall house design. Kids don’t care and don’t want antique or classical furniture if your house looks like this.

Kid's room should be fun
Kid’s room should be fun

They in most cases want design which is modern, full of playfullness, storage and at the same time feeling open. Again choose light or pastel colors of you furniture design but don’t go to hard and making room to colorish. When the grow up, you would probably need to change all the furniture again. We covered some basics so let’s dive in to most interesting part with example pictures and helpful tips in mind.

1. Think about attaching writting desk to your kids bed

Attaching writting desk to your kid’s bed can be very usefull. Drawers underneath will easily open and it looks very modern. You will also save a lot of space. Just think about having regular desk next to bed. First you would need to have space in between to open drawers and design would not look that clean.

Kid's room Writting desk attached to the bed

If you have big enought room think about using desk as big night stand. Kid’s love it! Believe me 😁 it is bigger and more practical than normal night stand. You can easily add or remove things from it becouse it is on same hight. Beneath you can put additional storage.

Kid's room Writting desk as big night stand

TIP: If your kid’s room wall is not that big, go with desk top threw whole length of the room. On one side it will be used as night stand and on the other as big writting desk.

2. Turn Your storage towards bed if you don’t have enought space in your kid’s room

Let’s say we have room around 8.6 feet or around 2.6 m long. We need to some how put bed + at least two door storage inside. How? In our head, when we think about bed + 2 door storage we think we need at least 10 feet right? There is another clever sollution like on the picture below. With this design also small rooms can benefit and not lose any space with their storage.

3. Storage next to bunkbed can be same depth and also used as a night stand

Bunkbeds are always a lot thicker in depth than storage themselves. Try to make them even and use top of the storage for big night stand for your child who will sleep on upper bed. Inside storage space make hanging rails in front and shelves behind. With this design in mind room will look clean, modern, playfull and out of the box.

4. Closet beds are perfect for very small kid’s rooms

Kids needs space to play even if room Is very small. At the same time they need quality place to sleep. Solution for very small kid’s rooms are Closet beds. They are very practical and great space savers. Several different variations of storage beds are available on the market. You can find just beds, with storage above and even bunkbeds.

Some closet beds offer shelves inside as practical additional storage. Some producers offer big writting desk as part of storage bed as feature. This will save you more than needed space in addition.

5. Sleeping for two kids with a twist

Some people don’t want bunk bed but at the same time need some kind of sollution for two kids to be close to each other and still have their own bed. “L” shaped bed is very unique and interesting design intruced by spanish children producers such as Rimobel. “Death” corner underneath higher bed can be used as an big trunk helping storage lot of additional items.

6. Storage above lower bed of the bunkbed

Lots of time we need bunkbeds in our room. They take a lot of our space so we need to fill empty space with storage as much as possible so we can have rest of the room free for playing and having fun. Ideal plce for storage is above lower bed as an bridge. One side it is attached with metal construction underneath top bed. On the other side we can finish it with side, shelves or wardrobe to make sorage even longer. Below Is example finishing it with side and shelves unit.

7. Bunkbeds can be fun for you kid’s room

When we think about having bunk bed in our room, we always think about “booring” ordinary shapes. Bunkbeds can really look amazing and designed out of the box. Be inspired with pictures below and I hope I changes your mind 😁


Kids spend a lot of time in their room. Make it fun, out of the box and big enough to play and do their homework. If room Is small, I showed you what space saving furniture I would choose. With medium sizes rooms be creative, think different, put large storage space inside but at the same time make room feel open. Isn’t desk which goes threw whole room amazing? Try it and let me know how it went. Comment below what is your ideal kid’s room. I would love to hear your opinion and solve any i visible obstacles on your way 😁

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