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How to Remove Glue Residue from Floor Tiles | For Lazy ones

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After removing sticky floor tiles in your home, you will find in most cases glue residue remaining on the surface. This glue is quite hard to remove with water and knife. Let me help you.

How to Remove Glue Residue from Floor Tiles?

  1. Easiest way is to remove it with so called Super remover. Most have toxic chemicals such as Methylene Chloride. This doesn’t.
  2. Best for concrete floors would be Blue Bear 500MR Mastic Remover. It is made out of Soy Beans. It passed several safety test and can even remove glues that are more than 50 years old.
  3. Try to clean it with Mineral spirit. We all have it in our home.

There are several different types of adhesive available on market. Some of them are bonded with cement so they require special adhesive remover. I care about environment so I searched for two most popular ones who do the job well. Keep on reading and see how good they are and some great tools which could help do this quickly and with ease.

how to remove glue residue from floor tiles

How to Remove Glue Residue from Floor Tiles | Easy Way

Remove glue residue from floor tiles can be really hard and usually this removers have highly toxic chemicals inside like Methylene Chloride, NMP and some other. Luckily there are some greener alternitives 🙂

One of them is Super remover, you can find on Amazon. It has same qualities as those toxic ones but without Methylene Chloride and other harmful chemicals. It is ideal for all stripping Jobs in your house and It can remove up to 5 layers in one application. You can remove all types of adhesive and its save for wood, metal and concrete at the same time. You can clean it with water at the end.

If you have concrete surface you should definitely consider buying Blue Bear 500MR Mastic Remover you can find on Amazon. It is made out of Soy Beans. Liquid has virtualy no odor and less then 3% VOC. It can remove newer mastics, layered adhesives and even glues that are more than 50 years old. It’s passed performance and environmental safety test by the USPS for the removal of mastic containing asbestos.

Essential tool helping you scrape your tile glue would be strong blade scraper.(Amazon) This type of Adhesive remover will save you tone of time and is well worth every penny. It is great with remowing tile decals as well.

Cleaning with mineral spirit

Mineral spirit like this on Amazon, is probably most widely used solvent and almost every household has it. In most cases we clean paint brushes with it. With mineral spirit we can also remove adhesive residue from our floors.

First we apply it in to a rag to get it wet. After we rub our adhesive surface with this wet cloth in circular movements. This way mineral spirits will dissolve our adhesive surface. Use above scraper or any similar one to remove remaining adhesive. Repeat this step again with mineral spirits if adhesive is difficult to remove.

After you successfuly remove adhesive from your floor, take warm, soapy water. Clean everything well so it will be prepared for new floor design

Some uses dry ice as metod of cleaning but we found it least effective compared to all above mentioned adhesive cleaners.

First we talked about how to remove glue from floor tiles, now we will speak about most popular Adhesive for your tiles.

Most popular adhesive for floor tiles are latex based type. They are water resistant and highly durable.

There are different type of latex based adhesive. One for linoleum and foam tiles and othe for ceramic and mosaic tiles. First decide about your floor Tile material and then go threw different adhesive suppliers and see what see what would be best for your type.

Latex based adhesive are great because of high shrink resistance. It allows you easy reposition your tiles during installation.  They have low odor, low VOC and are nonflammable. Most of them drie transparent so you won’t see dark lines between tiles.

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