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How to Style a Brown Sofa? All Available Tips in One Place

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Do you have a simple brown sofa that’s maybe seen better days and you’re eager to liven up a bit? Or are you considering buying a new brown sofa because you like the versatility of the shade, but you’re worried that it might look a little boring? Have no fear! There are many ways that you can style and complement a brown couch, so let’s get started.

Tips in How to Style a Brown Sofa?

  1. Throws and Pillows
  2. Adding other Furniture in the Room
  3. Add Paint and Wall Decorations
  4. Different Sofa Materials to Choose From
  5. 11 Styles of Brown Sofa to Choose from

Let’s dive deep…

Throws and Pillows

Brown is a great color for pairing with a wide variety of other shades, but some options are better than others. A hue that generally looks wonderful with chocolate colors is pink. What else can we mix…

Throw pillows are great accessories when it comes to styling your brown sofa

Best throw pillow colors to match with a brown sofa are:

  • As we mentioned, any shade of pink or rose will look simply enchanting.
  • Blue is another great color for complementing brown that you probably haven’t considered. Icy blue stands out brilliantly against warm chocolate hues.
  • Crimson or scarlet is great and exciting colors to mix. The brown will help bright red accessories shine.
  • Greens, both cool and warm, also work well with brown. 

If you’d like to carry on with the sofa’s rich, warm theme, you could add accessories in shades such as mustard, deep red, and sienna. If you do this, you should balance all this warmth with white walls and white accent furniture, as well as an abundance of pillows. 

Faux fur is a great material option for you throw pillow

You can find throws and pillows made of a variety of different fabrics. One especially luxe selection is faux fur. Imagine how upscale your plain brown sofa could become with some faux fur throws and pillows. For a very vintage look, consider pink or rose for these.

One wonderful way to accessorize a brown sofa is to choose throws and pillows in bright white. This will help to balance the darkness and warmth of the chocolate-toned sofa. White color is timeless and you can not miss with them. I absolutely love this type here, you can find on Amazon. They are so soft and great looking as well.

Adding throws and pillows is one of the most economical and flexible ways of jazzing up your brown sofa. Be creative and look for options at a variety of different stores and online. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box and put your own individual touch on a room. 

Adding Other Furniture in the Room

There are many different style options you can choose for the furniture in the remainder of the room where you have your brown couch. If you’d like to add any other large items of furniture, such as a loveseat or recliner chair, consider selecting one of the complementary colors we mentioned earlier (pink or blue). 

You could also add some ottomans. There are many different styles of ottoman out there, in several different kinds of fabric. An ottoman can create a vintage or modern look for your living room. Just make sure you don’t go off suggested colors. (mentioned above)

Via: Pinterest

For your coffee and accent tables, consider a deep shade of wood, such as cherry or find so a rare one upholstered in fabric such as this one I found on Amazon. The slight pink undertones of cherry will help to bring out the richness of the chocolate hues in your room. 

If you have a brown leather couch that has perhaps seen better days and you’re worried that it will look a bit ratty, create a sort of shabby chic theme. You can add some antique accent pieces made of wood to add to the atmosphere. Don’t forget to use throws and pillows, too, to liven up the sofa. 

White furniture same as white pillows is always a great choice. If you like a mix of minimalism and vintage look, make all the furniture white or in light colors so that they help to balance your brown sofa.

You could also use natural textures in the room for accessories and accent pieces, such as woven pieces, wood floors, and stone fireplaces. 

Add Paint and Wall Decorations Around your Brown Sofa

Wall paint is one of the key things to look at. Don’t be brave and bold. You already have great looking statement peace (brown sofa) in your living room. I would consider 3 options:

  1. You could consider painting the walls a light cool neutral shade to help balance the warmth of the sofa’s shade.
  2. A bright white will be lovely, too. As we mentioned before – you can’t miss white and it is always a safe to bet.
  3. Another approach is to paint the walls a lighter shade of brown in order to harmonize with the sofa. If you choose to take this route, it’s best to create a bit of contrast with light and white shades in other parts of the room (in accessories and other furniture). 

For wall decorations, look for artwork and other pieces that have complementary colors. If you’re aiming for a vintage or classic look for your living room, consider getting pieces that have that sort of look or present a vintage theme. An example would be a great looking flower pot, candle holder or wall art.

Don’t forget about the option of wallpaper! If you’re a bit bored or uninspired by the idea of plain painted walls, papering them is an excellent (if rather more time consuming) option. There is a wide array of wallpaper styles and patterns available on the market such as this vintage look wood wallpaper I found on Amazon. If you want your room to have more of a classic and traditional atmosphere, go for a wallpaper pattern with rich shade and classic textures.

You don’t need to put wallpaper on every wall. Consider just papering one as an accent wall. You can then paint the rest of the room.

Different Sofa Materials to Choose From 

If you haven’t yet purchased your brown sofa, you’re probably curious about the variety of fabric (upholstery) choices available. Let’s take a look at some of them here: 

  • Leather: Leather is a lovely but generally more expensive choice. It’s is known as the durable fabric (around 40000 rubs). You can extend it’s life significantly with appropriate care. I love this leather wipes from Amazon. The great end result. Leather is seen as the most upmarket choice for sofas, and it always creates a feeling of luxury in a room. You should be aware, though, that leather tends to take on the surrounding temperature. This means that if a room is cold, the leather will be, too. 
  • Aquaclean (easy clean) – is becoming more and more popular because you can choose from a large variety of fabrics and textures. It can be up 2 – 3x more durable than leather and in most cases cheaper. As its name suggest, stains can be cleaned in most cases with water.
  • Water repellent fabrics – becoming even more popular than easy clean type because it doesn’t absorb water. With the same durability as easy clean, it is great choice for apartments/houses near the seaside.
  • Nano fabric – New revolutionized fabric, 4x more durable than leather is more or less unbreakable. Even if you have 4 small kids 🤣. Wine, drawing, eating and pets don’t get even close to tearing it apart. It doesn’t look so luxurious than leather but it sure is durable!
  • Microfiber is another popular choice. This artificial fabric holds color especially well. It is durable but less expensive than easy clean fabrics mentioned above.
  • Velvet/faux-suede: A velvet or perhaps a faux-suede brown couch is a great one if you’re looking for something that has a very plush and unique look. This kind of sofa would blend especially nicely in a room with vintage-inspired décor.  You can find different types of velvets. Aquaclean as well.
  • Natural fibers: A number of different natural fibers are used in fabric blends for sofas. Examples include wool, linen, silk, and cotton. Natural fiber will frequently be blended with an artificial one, to increase durability. Linen is quite an elegant choice but the more linen in texture, the more it will be prone to wrinkling and even stains. Wool is excellent at holding stains and wrinkling at bay. It is generally quite durable and allows for simple spot cleaning. If you choose a sofa with a large amount of silk, you should be aware that while it offers wonderful softness, it can be rather fragile. You’ll also need to get it professionally cleaned if needed. 
  • Nylon: Nylon is often added to fabric blends for sofas, as it helps to hold off problems such as pilling and fading. 
  • Acrylic: Acrylic is another artificial fabric often added to sofa textiles. It has many similarities to wool, and it helps to prevent fading and general wear. 

11 Styles of Brown Sofa to Choose from

Brown sofas are also found in an array of different styles. As you look at retailers and size up your options, you could come across or ask to see:

Camelback: The camelback sofa has a curved back. You’ll be able to find several different styles of camelback, with variety in the number of humps on the back. The camelback is considered to be a traditional style.

Tuxedo: The tuxedo style of the sofa was pioneered by a designer called Billy Baldwin. There are many different kinds of tuxedo sofa today, but the one consistent feature tends to be the boxy shape. With a tuxedo style sofa, the arms, back, and legs are generally all a similar height. The tuxedo style is an appealing choice if you’re looking for something sophisticated yet with a bit of a geometric shape.

2. Style toxedo brown sofa

Chesterfield: The back of a chesterfield sofa always has deep button tufting. These sofas are frequently made from leather, so if you’re in the market for a brown leather sofa, think about going with this style. The Chesterfield sofa is a universally loved and traditional style.

3. Chesterfield brown sofa

English Roll Arm: The English Roll Arm is an extremely comfortable model of the sofa and has rounded arms. The English Roll Arm is among the most popular and classic styles of sofa. An English roll arm sofa is likely to be a solid bet for your room, no matter what your design.

Mid-century style sofas have a very simple shape and generally use monochromatic upholstery. They are an excellent choice for contemporary rooms with a minimalist flair. Mid-century sofas have a tufted back and a rectangular shape.

5. Mid century brown sofa

Sectional: A sectional is a sofa comprised of a number of different pieces. It’s common for such sofas to have between three and five pieces. With a sectional, you’ll have the option of organizing the pieces in the way that you would like. With sectionals, it’s important to keep in mind that the sofa might be very large. Make sure that you do your measurements carefully before making any decisions, and keep the size and use of your room in mind. There are two common configuration shapes of sectional sofas: the U-shape and the L-shape.

6. Sectional brown sofa

Lawson: Similar to the English roll arm but with back cushions that can be removed, the Lawson is another popular sofa design. The main objective of the Lawson sofa is comfort and convenience. The Lawson sofa, originally designed for early 20th-century financier Thomas W. Lawson, is known for being very soft and cushiony. The fact that the back cushions can be removed is something that many people appreciate.

Bridgewater: The Bridgewater is a casual and functional design that was once very popular and that you might like to consider for your room. This design is meant to blend into the room rather than really stand out. It has slightly rolled arms that are positioned lower than the furniture back.

8. Bridgewater brown sofa
Via Pinterest

Recliner sofa: A recliner sofa is a wonderful choice if you’re looking for something that offers great comfort and a relaxed, casual feel. This type of sofa could be a fantastic addition to your TV or family room, as it allows you lie back while you enjoy your favorite movies and programs.

9. Recliner brown sofa
Via Pinterest

French Cabriole: The French Cabriole sofa has a curvy shape. The wood frame is one of its attractions, and it will often feature attractive carvings. This can be painted or left exposed, depending on your individual style.

10. French cabriole brown sofa
Via Pinterest

Track Arm Sofa: The Track Arm sofa is known for its clean, classic lines. This sofa style features squared arms, so keep that in mind while making your choice. It’s important that the sofa you choose fit into the overall aesthetic and atmosphere of the room. This type of sofa can have a tailored skirt covering the legs, or you can choose to uncover the legs if you feel that better suits your style.

11. Track arm brown sofa
Via Pinterest

There’s Nothing Boring About a Brown Sofa! 

Or at least there doesn’t have to be. As we’ve seen here, brown sofas come in a wide variety of styles and fabrics, and they can be styled and accessorized in any way you desire. Keep the tips we’ve provided above in mind when shopping and making your design decisions.

Planning and thinking things through always goes a long way. It’s also a good idea to spend a bit of time looking through home design magazines and websites, searching for inspiration. 

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