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Is Epoxy Flooring Good for Homes? Pros | Cons & Cost

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Over the next few sections, we will assess whether Epoxy flooring is good for your home. Epoxy floors are colorful, bright, and vibration. Being safe and durable, they are one of the top flooring options for many homeowners.

Epoxy floors

Is Epoxy Flooring Good for Homes? Epoxy flooring is certainly a good option for your home. It decks up your property and adds a dash of color. What’s more, the option is also safe, durable, and affordable. Being chemically resilient, these floors won’t be as susceptible to scratches and marks. They are also available in multiple options and are eco-friendly

Read more why you should invest in such durable and safe material and what are its costs.

Is Epoxy Flooring Good for Homes with Pros and Cons

Epoxy flooring is certainly one of the best and most durable flooring options for your property. Over the following sections, we will weigh out its pros and cons in detail.

Is Epoxy Flooring Good for Homes with Pros and Cons

Epoxy Pros

Here’s a brief list of the advantages of using epoxy flooring


Epoxy floorings are extremely durable compared to most common hardwood floors. In fact, they are one of the most long-lasting flooring solutions available in the market. These floors are not just chemical resistant, but they also provide significant resistance against stains and scratches. 

While these floorings are ideal for almost all homes, we’d specifically suggest this option if you use or move heavy equipment. Since the flooring is resistant to impacts, you can comfortably move your equipment without any scratches or marks on the floor.

No worries anymore your large sofa will damage your floors. If you are minimalistic person, this floor could well adopt to your overall look becouse it can look very simple.

Minimalistic design with epoxy floors
Minimalistic design with epoxy floors

The quality and touch of your floor remain intact even when you repeatedly drop heavy equipment on it. This is one of the primary reasons why most people choose these type of floors.

If you’re wondering why and how epoxy floorings are so strong, the idea is simple: these floors come with a flexural strength which is higher than 10,000 psi. This is significantly high strength. This is also the reason why these floorings are so durable.

If you are still willing to add an extra layer of durability to your epoxy flooring like Rust Oleum top coat visible Amazon, your floors will get 20 times more stronger than basic layer of epoxy. You can read their amazing Amazon reviews here.


This is yet another major advantage of using Epoxy flooring. In addition to withstanding the adverse effects of a chemical reaction and heavy automobiles, these floorings are also resistant to scratching and peeling.

Ideally, a well-installed epoxy flooring is likely to last you at least one decade. The paint will not peel off and the material of the floor itself will offer solid resistance against yellowing.

This way, epoxy floors get to retain their gloss for several decades. They will resist spills, any type of hot tire, heavy tools, and even road salt. 

While the regular epoxy floors offer significant resistance from scratches, some people choose a multi-layer installation for a higher degree of protection. This type of installation involves primer and a top-coat. Both are installed on the floor to make it a tad more scratch-resistant and significantly high resilient. 

The double-layer installation further assists in adhesion and reduces the instances of bubbles and pinholes. This type of coating also treats the dust and ensures that the substrate doesn’t absorb much of the topcoat.

If you’re looking for a moisture-resistant flooring, then too Epoxy has you covered! Yes, you can use a moisture/vapor-resistant epoxy primer to treat humidity and make the floors tad longer lasting. 

Since these floors are scratch-resistant, they are highly attractive. This also helps them retain the initial gloss. Note that if you install the right kind of epoxy flooring and maintain it properly, you will end up maximizing its longevity.

To avail the maximum benefits of this flooring, choose a professional floor installation company that’ll not just offer quality flooring solutions but also get the floors installed on your behalf.

Epoxy flooring installation

Alternatively, you can also do your own research to get the best epoxy coating and learn the right techniques for installing the floors. 

Better Safety

This is yet another major benefit of epoxy flooring. They offer a better degree of safety, thanks to their supremely high gloss.

You can further double-up the safety by choosing a coating that is slip-resistant, impact-resistant, heat resistant and/or fire-resistant.

These coatings don’t just improve the safety but also peps up the brightness of the given area. Note that most high gloss epoxy coatings are deemed safer than their counterparts. 

Available in Multiple Options

One of the biggest highlights of Epoxy flooring is that it offers multiple flooring designs and styles. Unlike common types of flooring, here, you will have the complete flexibility of choosing a design or style according to your preference.

Marble look epoxy flooring
Marble look epoxy flooring

Since most of these floors are available in a wide spectrum of colors, your home gets a colorful makeover. The following are the most common types:

  • Self-leveled Flooring: If you’re looking for an epoxy flooring that is simple and convenient to install, self-leveled epoxy flooring might be a great option. You can use these self-leveled floors on both old and new concrete flooring. This way, you get to create a seamless and glitch-free surface.
  • Graveled Flooring: Graveled epoxy coatings are ideal for homeowners who are looking to experiment with the design and style. Since these coatings can be heavily customized to meet your specific design requirements, they are also used on a commercial level. 
  • Terrazzo Flooring: This is yet another decorative epoxy coating. However, in addition to being decorative, these types of epoxy floorings are also convenient to clean. You can use this flooring in your living room or hallway. 
  • Customized Epoxy Coating: As you’d probably guess from the name, these are the type of epoxy flooring that leave you with ample room for customization. You can tweak these floors to match your personal preferences. You can also add your preferred design or style while getting the floors installed. Top options include flecked patterns, diamond patterns, and checkerboard patterns
  • Scratch-Free, Vapor-Barrier Flooring: For this type of flooring, an epoxy vapor barrier will be directly applied on your concrete floors. This will result in an impenetrable surface that’ll significantly reduce vapor transmission. You can use this coating before adding the final flooring.


If you’re looking to invest in quality flooring solutions for your home but aren’t comfortable with unnecessary splurging, epoxy coatings might be an excellent option.

These floors are available at an affordable price. Also, since there are multiple options to pick from, you can explore varying price-points and choose the product that finally matches your budget and quality requirements.

Note that unlike regular flooring that involves extensive installation, you can easily follow the DIY method to install an epoxy flooring at your home. This makes the flooring option even more cost-effective when compared to the rest. 

Easy to Clean

Since epoxy floors are resistant to spills and chemicals, cleaning them won’t take up much of your time. You can, however, maximize the efficiency of your floors with timely maintenance.

In terms of maintenance, all you need to do is dust and dry mop the floor at least once a week. The joints will require monthly vacuuming as opposed to the weekly vacuuming required by other conventional flooring options.

Finally, although the flooring is spill-resistant, it is important to wipe off spills with a small wet cloth. Note that although the floor may not reflect spills, it might still reflect a wet film. Cleaning it immediately eliminates this possibility.


With the growing rate of pollution, it is becoming increasingly important to rely on eco-friendly solutions. This is exactly where epoxy floors make the cut.

Epoxy with non slippery coat in this bathroom.
Epoxy flooring with non slippery coat in bathroom.

Since these floors are environmentally friendly, you get to pave towards a sustainable world by choosing this option. Note that unlike common forms of flooring, epoxy paints do not contain toxic pollutants. This way, you are not just safeguarding the environment but also protecting your health.

Epoxy Cons

As with other types of flooring, epoxy flooring might have a certain set of disadvantages. In this part, we will take a closer look at these cons. 

Issues with Adherence

This is one of the common issues with epoxy flooring. It has been observed that epoxy coating doesn’t properly adhere to moist areas like your basement. However, you can conveniently avoid this issue by drying and preparing the floor before applying the epoxy coating.

When you apply the epoxy coating in a close or low-ventilated environment, the moist floor will cause the coating to lift off from your floor.


Epoxy flooring might be slippery, especially during the times when it’s wet. So, if a specific area is already prone to high spills or moisture, epoxy flooring isn’t the best solution there.

You can remove the slipperiness of epoxy floors by adding more texture to the floor’s design.

How much does it cost to epoxy the floor?

Epoxy coatings are usually priced at $30 to $50 (per gallon). If the coating is water-based, it might cost you $45 to $150.

You can install the epoxy flooring and apply the epoxy coating yourself. You will need a professional Epoxy kit for the job. Note that these kits are currently priced from $50 to $600 depending on the type of epoxy coating. For covering garage floors I would use clear colored epoxy brand. They have amazing reviews and competitive price. You can check them on Amazon here.

If you want get the floor professionally installed, it might cost you usually around $3 to $5 for every square ft. It depends Mainly of floor condition and type of epoxy you choose.

How thick is epoxy floor coat?

It depends how durable and high performance do you need it to be. Thinnest coat is around 0,02 inches thick. It is called primer. If you want to increase durability, you apply optioonal midcoat and topcoat above. Primer will give you basic protection and is meant for rooms with light traffic. With adding top coats you gain amazing wear resistance and are suitable for busy environments and heavier equipment.

Is Epoxy Flooring one day of two day process?

Epoxy flooring is two day process. It’s important to apply primer coat first day and leave it rest over night. Primer needs to penetrate in to concrete floors weel before applying next coat. Second day finish with top coat.

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