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Minimalism style in Interior Design [minimalistic approach ]

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Minimalism is interior design art, bringing out more out of less. This is not simple design style. It is one, where clean lines bring out simple elegance to the room. Minimalist aesthetic feels fresh, light to our eyes and organised.

Minimalism presented with natural Grey earth colors

What is Minimalism in Interior Design?

Minimalism is an interior design style, but also as a way of life. It merges well with the bare living essentials idea. Home is designed clean without to much furniture. It is stripped down showing central design peaces and colors that underlie the minimalistic interior design theme. The main idea as we already mentione above is not to remove everything but to do more with less.

Minimalist home | natural color palette minimalism

How do You make your room Minimalist?

There is a formula to make minimalist room with the right combination of paint and furniture. Here are some tips to follow:

Clean minimalistic base of the room

The idea to reach minimalism inside present room is to start with a clean base. This does not mean you need to get rid of all your possessions. It simply means we will start redesigning your room by applying simple color on the wall and work outwards. Every room has its own feel and light which is to be used to best advantage.

Minimalist hallway Black interior design

Painting wall with simple clean color makes the rest of the items in the room standout. You can see right away what is actually in the room worth to keep and what to remove / sell out and replace is with ean elegant furniture. In Minimalism in not visual clutter.

Minimalism is all about clean lines and quality

Making your home minimalistic, means you are embracing the simplicity what design is all about. Inside we see mostly contemporary furniture with clean, straight and elegant lines. Minimalism uses less furniture but all of it is high quality made. Main wood materials are solid wood, MDF and veneer.

Natural toned minimalistic living room design style

Pick furniture pieces to stand out but use natural pastel color palete

As we mentioned, furniture is very quality and practical. Becouse in Minimalism is all about less, we need to carefully pick them. They will be our center peaces and eye stoppers of our future guests. Choose natural pastel colors for your sofa / drawer or tv unit. I recommend mate finish and not glossy. That way our eye will see inner beauty of our furniture rather then its flashy color.

Finding Balance when designing minimalistic room

Balancing room in a minimalistic way means to have key furniture on right place balanced with use of texture in form of wall color and decoration. Our final look needs to be clean and elegant. Our key furniture will stand out but yet with gentle pastel natural colors everything will look balanced and blend perfectly together. Balanced minimalistic room will be soft and relaxing to our eyes.

Minimalistic room Is open

A carefully designed room in minimalistic form uses the space left over to help the decorations stand out. You will notice what is in the room because the visual clutter is not present. An open feel to a room lets what you have standout and shows how you prioritize practicality and quality over clutter.

Minimalistic color palette in this amazing living room

A simple way to consider adding to your room something is by removing a piece from same room at the same time. It is a good way to maximize space while maintaining the balance of the room.l

Limited number of furniture

When you are decorating your room in a minimalistic way, you need to be selective. Only key and selected furniture pieces should be in your design plan. Think “less is more”. Those key furniture peaces and decoration should bring beauty and “wooow” effect to your room.

Minimalism decoration?

Decorating like a minimalist means using your space in a practical way and leaving out basic clutter that fills most homes. Here are some useful tips:

Selected decoration objects that deliver maximum outcome

As we mentioned above, minimalism as interior design style demands you to declutter your furnishings to bare minimum and left only with essentials and curated objects. This objects will deliver to your space maximum outcome. Same is with decoration so only selective peaces should be present inside each room designed this way.

Texture in minimalism

Adding texture to your minimalistic room can do wonders. There are several simple tips adding it without encroaching your overall design. Key texture of every minimalistic room Is rug. It won’t take up any additional space in your room so it won’t feel you are cluttering your space. It can add amazing texture and overall warm feel to your existing design.

Rug as key texture in minimalistic interior design

Every sofa need pillows. They’re inexpensive and roo won’t look cluttered with them as far as you don’t have them to many. Think about trying different textures on them till you find perfect mach. They are easy to replace.

Similar to pillows you can add throw blankets to your sofa and bring big difference to your design overall appearance.

Minimalistic design is all about natural light but it doesn’t mean we need to forget about curtains. Their texture can be very light and you can achieve amazing overall look with them.

Books are also great way to add texture to your minimalistic space. Just be carefull your bookshelf doesn look not minimalistic and very heavy.

How do you make a minimalist bathroom?   

Making your bathroom minimalist is not so difficult task. Follow below steps and most important enjoy in between 🙂

Minimalistic bathroom interior design
  • Clean out everything. The best way to begin your bathroom overhaul is to remove everything from the bathroom so you can see where you can go from there.
  • Select your colors and tiles based on the light, the shape of the bathroom Don’t mix to many colors. You can play with texture on the tiles but don’t use more than two, max 3 colors inside your bathroom. Popular minimalistic bathroom colors are White, beige, dark Grey and black. Most used colors / veneer for bathroom cabinets are oak White and black.
  • Go out of the box with Faucets. I love Black, white or copper color to stand out but it is up to you and your overall design.
  • Popular minimalistic bathroom countertops are made of solid surface acryl or so called Corian. It is very durable clean and universal color material. You can read more about Corian here.
Bathroom Corian Countertop
  • Everything should compliment each other while making the room appear balanced.
  • Items shouldn’t be on the bathroom counter once you are done. Storage for the extras is critical to consider and do it in minimalistic way. Built in storage, painted like wall pain will hide što are itself. Overall will look like big wall and minimal.
Bathroom storage minimalism
  • The necessary accessories should complement the bathroom design you are aiming for. If you have painted the wall white you should think about having your towels similar or in your other design theme color.
Bathroom interior in minimalistic style


Adding a limited number of accessories makes the selected items standout such as the vase of flowers you add to the room. If the vase itself is black and the flowers are red roses with the rest of the room being white, it will draw the eye as the centerpiece of the room. Selected with purpose and place on purpose; nothing should be randomly placed in your rooms.

Window Treatment

You should use thin curtains or blinds in your room to change the effects of light. Use them to highlight the specific part of your bathroom. There are different types of curtains in contrasting colors and styles that can enhance the functionality of the room.

You should select it to control not only the light of the room but the temperature. The minimalistic design uses the entire atmosphere of a room to create the desired effect. The temperature of the room is part of that.


The minimalistic design is one in which every piece is planned and thought out. They use natural light, color, and contrasts to bring out the best of a room. It is not boring or plain design. I would call it art od less and it is one of my favorite interior design styles present. For more inspiration follow me on my Pinterest account here.

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