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Mirrors In The Interior Design [Leaner Mirror Tips]

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Besides being a decorative item, mirrors have become an essential part of interior designs. Interior designers use different shapes to create a cheesy environment, make room look larger and brighter. Different angles and shapes are being used according to our decorative desires.

Contemporary leaning mirror
Contemporary leaning mirror

Mirror decor is also not an expensive idea and yet it gives an eye-catching look to any place. Mirrors can be used in any style from contemporary interior design to classical styles, vintage, rococo and art nouveau.

Where and Why To Use Mirrors in the Interior Design

There are numerous problems for which a mirror can be used. A strategic position of a mirror can elevate the overall look of the room. Do you want to know why we should use a mirror in our houses, here you go:

How to Enhance your Room with Mirror

Smalls rooms or living areas can be enhanced by using mirrors on the walls. It can be very bothersome for some people who are not used to small and congested places. There is one and the only solution to give it a wide look unless you decide to knock out the wall.

Well placed mirrors can make a place look more balanced.

  • Try placing a large mirror just above your bed to create a sense of depth.
  • Using more than one mirror can give a larger look to the room.
  • Mirrors have the quality of deceiving human eyes and they can be used to enhance a look or draw your attention away from it.

Try using them in the way they pleases you.

Mirrors can make space larger
Mirrors can make space larger

With Mirrors you can Create Focal Points

Places where there is not no focal point such as a fireplace to arrange your furniture around, a mirror is used to create a focal point.

  • Use a mirror in the center to spice up space with furniture around it.
  • Place a vase of fresh or artificial flowers in front of the mirror to give it a more stylish look. This way, it will exaggerate the presence of the mirror in the room as well as create a central point.
This mirror placed in corner can easy be focal point of your room
This mirror placed in corner can easy be focal point of your room

Mirrors will illuminate Natural Light

Mirrors have this quality to illuminate the rooms by utilizing natural sunlight. Placing them strategically can lighten up the darker corners of the rooms.

If you have one or no window in the room, place a mirror just behind a lamp or across the window to reflect both natural and artificial light.

Places where Mirrors are used the most

Below are the few places where mirrors can be used as a tool to enhance interior designs:


It is the much-needed place for a mirror placement. Besides giving you an elegant look, it also reflects the much needed natural light back into the house. Try placing mirrors beside the lamps to enhance the light source.

Mirror in minimalistic hallway
Mirror in minimalistic hallway


Another place that should not be without them is the gym. It should have plenty of mirrors all around you so that you can analyze yourself multiple times every day and see where you are heading in your physical activity.

Dressing Rooms

A must and the most important place to place the mirrors. Dressing rooms are unimaginable with them both small and large framed. They are an essential part of every dressing room so that you can get ready every morning.

Small and Narrow Places

As we have mentioned above, mirrors are very important to give an enhanced look to your narrow rooms. Try using them everywhere to give a spacious ambiance.

What Factors will Determine a High-Quality Mirror? 

Not every mirror is same quality. Below is a quick rundown to determine a high-quality type which can stand the test of time:

  • High silver content-buy a mirror which has high silver coating because this is what reflects light, not the mirror itself.
  • Multiple coats of paint-to keep mirror safe from tarnishing and keep the silver coating safe.
  • One glass source only-make sure the mirror you buy have only one source of glass is used instead of multiple as it will make a huge difference in the shade of the mirror.
  • Copper-free mirrors-copper free mirrors tend to last longer. Ask for it when you are out buying one.
  • Thickness matters-make sure you buy a thick mirror with ¼ thickness, if it is not this much thick, it is a low-quality mirror.
Big modern wall mirrors are very popular in living rooms
Big modern wall mirror in living room

How Thick Should A Mirror Be?

Most mirrors are manufactured in three thickness levels, 1/8 (3.2 mm), 3/16 (4.7 mm) and ¼ (5.7 mm). For best quality, use ¼ thick mirrors. 

  • 1/8 have a very low thickness and is used for tabletops and table covers, mostly for indoor use.
  • 3/1 have great thickness is best to use for side tables, patio tables, and table covers.
  • ¼ is the best to use for glass tabletops and glass table covers.

What is a Leaner Mirror?

There are two types of mirrors being used in interior designing, hanging mirrors and leaner mirror. (link to Amazon). Both of these installations are being used by interior decorators. But the most popular decoration are leaning mirrors or free-standing mirrors.

They do not require any prior measurements or hooks. They can lean against the walls or floors very easily.

How Do You Stabilize a Leaning Mirror?

Leaning mirrors are very trendy and always in style. They offer a full-length view while you get ready to attend an important event. As the name suggests, leaner mirrors lean against the wall or floor and they can tip over easily which is very dangerous. So to save you the hazards, below are few handy tips to stabilize your leaning mirrors.

Free-standing mirror (link to Amazon)

If you want to hang the leaning mirrors to the wall, use molly bolt hollow wall anchors, screws and heavy-duty picture wires so that they can hold the mirror weight. If in case, the mirror does not have a hanging hook, attach one that is strong enough to hold the back of the mirror.

Steps Installing mirror without hanging hook:

  1. Start by pointing the place with a pencil where you want to hang the mirror,
  2. Measure down 2 inches to install wall anchor.
  3. Screw to attach the cable to the wall anchor.
  4. Measure the width of the mirror and mark it on the wall as well.
  5. Place the mirror at the desired location and attach the other side of the cable to the screw.
  6. Now your leaning mirror is safe and stabilized. Enjoy the look!

How Do You Decorate a Lean Mirror?

Mirrors are just great for so many reasons. They reflect light, they brighten up the spaces and they just make a room look extraordinary. Every well-designed home should have a mirror. 

Always make sure that whatever reflects in the mirrors are appealing and aesthetically pleasing. It could either be a vase of fresh flowers, a portrait, or beautiful scenery. Avoid reflecting the problematic or less attractive areas of the room.

Choose frame colors that contrast with the color of the walls. You can also choose bold colors that are sure to go with any color.

Leaning a mirror against the wall looks classier and it can be decorated in a number of ways. For example, it gives the room a layered look while reflecting the light at the same time. Choose a mirror frame that matches or contrast with the furniture in front. It will give a fabulous look to the room as well as make it look expensive.

There is nothing more annoying than the strains on the mirror that gives it a dreary look. Cleaning the house is something everyone enjoys doing but when it comes to cleaning the mirrors, it is little boring because we all know no matter how hard we rub the mirrors, they will be covered with dirt or fingerprints in no time. Below are the few ingredients which are present in almost every kitchen and can be used to make the best household mirror cleaners.

What is the Best Homemade Mirror Cleaner?

Alcohol and white vinegar are considered best for cleaning mirrors. They are 100 times more effective than the other chemical-laden cleaners in the market. Both of these items are very less expensive and can be used over and over without having any side effects. All you have to do is mix one cup rubbing alcohol, one cup of water and one tablespoon of white vinegar. Mix these ingredients, put in a spray bottle and spray.

What is Elegant mirror?

There is not such thing as elegant mirror type but we all like to call them this way. Elegant means to each eyes different. For me is big, clean and minimalistic but for someone else can be rustic or with vintage looking frame.
We all have our own style in our head and if you ask me I call my perfect mirror – elegant mirror.

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