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The importance of Wall Art in Interior Design

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Wall art is what makes the design perfect, it is like the icing on the cake that makes it tastes better. Many people don’t think about the importance of it and think that this is what comes last in any design, but the truth is that this art gives a whole new taste to your design and it transforms the way the interior design looks in many ways.

A good first impression matters a lot, not just in our social relationships with others, but in how we decorate our homes.

Big Wall art in living room

Incase it never occurred to you, how well you set and decorate your home speaks a lot about your personality. Meaning, if I should come into your house, and find it disorganised with things littered everywhere, it will automatically pass a message to my impulse that your life is probably as disorganised as is your personality.

On the other hand, if I step into a house where everything is organised with high quality decors such as wall art, placed rightly in ideal positions of the house, then I don’t need a soothsayer to tell me what kind of personality I’m dealing with.

The beauty in having a good wall art in your home can never be undermined. And that’s why we’d be looking today at what it is, why it matters in interior design, how you can display it at your home, how to choose the best art and what size is perfect.

What is Wall Art

In a layman’s definition, wall art which is sometimes known as mural, is simply a drawing or painting on big sized canvases, before being applied to the wall (marouflage for instance), either in an office, home or wherever one chooses to use it.

Big wall art in hotel lounge design

Most especially, it is often done as part of one’s interior decoration, and could be carried out manually or through the use of an appliance.

Importance of Wall Art in Interior Design

Being a die-hard fan of art over the years, I’ve been able to come up with 4 cogent reasons of importance of wall art in interior design.


What defines a man is in what he/she chooses to believe in. Thus, the choice of decorating your home with these modern-day wall arts, ranging from 3D arts to digital arts printing, goes a long way to not only proving your belief in the beautiful work of art, but also to show your sense of innovation. 


There is something very unique about houses decorated with wall arts, which tends to set them apart from the rest of other buildings.

Big wall art inside bedroom

As a matter of fact, did you know that some people do visit other people’s homes, perhaps a friend or colleague, just to have a chance of beholding the amazing wonder of wall art in such houses? Personally, I’m a living witness to this fact.

And given that not everyone is capable of affording a quality painted wall art, if you own one in your house, then you cease to be like the rest in terms of class and standard. 


Of course yes, attractiveness! A beautifully painted wall art is capable of transforming a low-budget furnished space, into a classy spot to be reckoned with, as a result of the colorative effect it will add to the walls.

Take for instance, a house whose wall has been decorated with a plethora of elegantly painted wall arts, so much that it gets to look like a museum or a living exhibition.

The beauty and intriguing feeling of visiting such a house is often undefinable.

Focal Point

One of the foremost basic principles of interior style is that each space desires a focal point, or one style part which will instantly draw the attention into the house and provide the viewer a way of what to expect. Good piece of wall art might simply fulfill this position.

To be quite frank, it’s very boring sitting and sitting at a plain wall with no designs or pictures on them. Personally, I often think of such places to be a rat laboratory.

Wig wall art print in hotel reataurant

However, when they are wall arts painted on a wall, at least you can have a focal point where you can feed your eyes with the amazing beauty of art.

Imagine your favorite design hanging on top of the mantle of a fire in your room or standing with pride above the bed in your master bedroom. Wouldn’t that be amazing and restful for your eyes?

How to Display a wall Art at Home

,There are basically 5 steps through which one can perfectly display a wall art at home. 

  • First thing first, ensure you hang it at the right height measurement. That is, portraits should be placed at a height 5 feet 7 to 5 feet 9 inches above ground level.
Image source
  • Thereafter, group them based on their  mode of painting and interpretation.
Image source
  • Create a gallery with it.
  • Add some frame styles if you need.
Image source
  • You can choose to add a mat if you want.

The Right Size of wall art

There is no specific dimension to what is being known as the right size of wall art. Rather, the right size is judged when the size of the art itself compliments the space available on the wall.

Marble look living room art
Image source

How to Choose the Best Wall Art

There are certain things that must be considered, in order to choose the best wall art for your space. 

  • Size: Before setting out to get yourself a wall art, make sure that you consider the amount of space available on the wall. Thus, avoid buying large scale peaces when the space on the wall is not big enough to even contain a small scale portraits.
  • Also, avoid arts that are longer in length than a normal sofa.
  • Don’t buy small piece of art that can’t fill a giant area. Better cluster little items along to fill the space.
  • Then, choose art paintings that will be at least 15 centimetres taller than your furniture. 
  • Lastly, make sure that the wall art you’re looking to buy won’t be the type that will hit the ceiling level.

Inspiration – we need to think about our inspiration piece. It may be a chunk of art, or settee you’re keen on. One woman’s antique weight is another woman’s grand – each doubtless inspire the look of a whole area or maybe a whole house. 

Once you discover your inspiration piece, these steps will help you develope overall design with help of choosen inspirational peace of art:

  • Use your inspiration piece to see the color theme of your area. It’s best to slender it all the way down to 3 or 4 colors.
  • Select wall art that follows the color theme of the area. With a collection color scheme, you’ll mix patterns, geometrics, solids, and more. As a general rule, introducing a brand new color needs you to feature it in a minimum of 2 places for a cohesive area. 
  • Trust your natural instincts. Surround yourself with stuff you love. 
  • Don’t forget about white color.

Must Wall Arts Match?

No, it isn’t a rule per say. However, if need be, the wall arts will have to match with the color of the house, in order to avoid creating a color riot scenery on your wall. 

Where are Wall Arts Hung in a Living Room

In compliance with the modern wall art decor ideas, it should be placed directly above your sofa(s), at a height of 5ft7 to 5ft9 inches above the ground level of your living room. 

Also, ensure that it isn’t placed in a hidden corner, rather, in a sight line to avoid having to look up always.

Image source

So, in case you never knew how special wall art does not only make a house look, but how great it makes the owner feel,  trying getting one for your office or apartment, and watch out for the high turn out of friends that will always be proposing to come pay you a visit!

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