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Trafficmaster Laminate Flooring: An 2021 Updated Review

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When it comes to choosing a laminate flooring brand for your home renovation needs, it may seem overwhelmingly confusing at first. There are many different types to be found, and seeing as redoing your home flooring is no easy task, it is important to get it right the first time. Many will likely have come across Trafficmaster laminate flooring and wondered, is this the right product for me?

Trafficmaster laminate flooring is incredibly easy to install and does not require screws, nails, or glue. It simply snaps together for effortless installation. It is also much more affordable than most of the competitors. Lastly, Trafficmaster laminate is available in various materials and colors.

In this article, we will go over the most important considerations before deciding whether or not to get Trafficmaster laminate flooring for your home or office. We will look at the positives and the negatives, and weigh these against one another to determine whether or not this product is worth it for the average person.

Here is our overall rating and ratings by specific category (0-100 scale):

Overall Rating 82/100
Aesthetics / Appearance 80/100
Ease of Installation 100/100
Affordability 90/100
Durability 75/100
Quality 65/100

Pros of Trafficmaster Laminate Flooring

  • The biggest pro of Trafficmaster laminate flooring is its price. Contrary to other brands, which can range anywhere from $2.00 to $6.00 or more per square foot, Trafficmaster laminate ranges somewhere between $0.50 to $2.00 per square foot, which will certainly add up in savings.
  • Trafficmaster laminate flooring is very easy to install and can be snapped together with no additional tools or hardware.
  • It comes available in a huge variety of different materials, textures, and colors, so you can find a style that fits virtually any room in your home.
  • It is warrantied and durable, so it should stay in pristine shape, in lieu of the general abuse which is unavoidable throughout everyday life. 
  • It has a genuine wood grain appearance made possible by meticulous design protocols which prevent repeat patterns from showing up again and again.
  • It is easy to clean and maintain. There is no need for special floor buffers or chemicals; simply mop up as normal to keep your laminate floor looking as good as new all the time.

Cons of Trafficmaster Laminate Flooring

  • If not properly installed by a knowledgeable contractor, Trafficmaster laminate flooring has the potential to bubble, gap at the seams, and become loose.
  • It is not the greatest of quality compared to more expensive, handcrafted, authentic alternatives made from superior materials.

Should You buy Trafficmaster Laminate Flooring?

Overall, after considering all of the variables mentioned earlier that need to be taken into account when ranking this product, we feel that the average person should get Trafficmaster laminate flooring.

Low Cost, Good Quality

The majority of people do not have unlimited funds at their disposal when conducting a home renovation project, so budgeting will come into play. From a purely cost-benefit perspective, this product is very appealing. Oftentimes, individuals who are in the process of redoing their flooring will also have other projects, such as repainting, changing the wall borders, light fixtures, etc., so they can’t allot their entire budget into flooring alone.

You will save a great deal of money on this product, without sacrificing much, if any, of the quality which competitors offer. 

Although Trafficmaster laminate is not at the highest peak of the market in terms of quality, it is simply unbeatable for the price. For that reason, we don’t believe that there would be a reason to regret the decision to purchase this product in any way.

It is always important, however, to be mindful that, while the installation of laminate flooring can seem simple and easy, many complications can arise as you go along. Cuts needing to be made and things not lining up may be extremely problematic and can potentially undermine the integrity of the entire job. 

Lifetime Warranty

Another reason why you should consider getting Trafficmaster laminate flooring is that they offer a purchasable lifetime warranty. This will cover everything from water and fire damage to warping, discoloration, cracking and chipping, etc. This goes to show that they stand behind their product and have full faith that it will last.

Can Also Be Used for Commercial Properties

Trafficmaster laminate flooring is not only ideal for your home or residential property, it is also a great option for anyone looking to remodel their commercial workspace. Offices, reception areas, faculty lounges, and even kitchens can be brought to life with these quality floors.

Scratch Resistance

Because of its scratch-resistant surface, pet owners may also be enticed to install Trafficmaster flooring in their homes. The sharp nails of your dog or cat will not leave any scratches or scrapes on the hard, dense surface of this laminated flooring.

Touch-up kits can also be purchased cheaply, which allow you to fill in minor gouges that may come as a result of things being dragged or dropped on the floor. This is good news because it means you will be able to mask any imperfections so that no one will ever notice the difference.

Proper maintenance of Trafficmaster laminate will ensure that your floor remains in pristine condition for many years to come, which will allow you to put your mind at ease, knowing you have one less thing to worry about.

Trafficmaster Laminate Flooring review

Why Trafficmaster Laminate Flooring Is Worth the price?

We have already attested to the fact that Trafficmaster laminate flooring will save you a lot of money at the checkout line, as it has a very low price tag compared to the average market price per square foot of comparable products. However, it will also indirectly save you money in a few often overlooked ways, which we will explain in this section of this article. 

The pros of Trafficmaster laminate flooring are too numerous to all be mentioned in this article, but here we will outline the most prevalent reasons why we feel that it is worthy of investment.

Its Durability Will Save You Money in the Future

When we are crunching numbers for our home reno projects, we tend to become very shortsighted. In other words, we see our budget, we see the price tag, and weigh it out as such, without giving any further consideration to the longevity of the product we are buying and what it may cost us down the road.

Trafficmaster laminate is highly durable and extremely resistant to scuffs and scrapes. In addition, it is also uncommon for these floors to to gouge or warp. This flooring could theoretically last decades and remain in no less than perfect condition; this means that unlike some of the common alternatives, you will not find yourself needing to replace this flooring a mere five years after installing it.

This product is easy to clean simply by sweeping or mopping up, so spills are no problem, and it cannot be rotted out by moisture damage.

The Variety of Styles Will Save you Having to Remodel the Entire Room

Another indirect way which most should, but likely will not consider, is that because Trafficmaster laminate flooring comes in dozens of different colors and materials, you will not be forced to completely remodel your entire room or home around it, in order to make it work from an interior design perspective.

Whatever the concept of your home, it is more than likely that Trafficmaster offers a style that will fit it like a glove. Although some may prefer to renovate their home all at once, Trafficmaster laminate leaves that decision to the consumer by providing such an incredible array of options that it may as well be customized. 

If you can imagine it, chances are Trafficmaster has already materialized it to fulfill your vision.

The Downsides buying Trafficmaster Laminate Flooring

Now that we have taken an in-depth look at all the good this product has to offer, it is time to consider some of the drawbacks that potential buyers will want to keep in mind before committing financially to this product.

However, it is always important to remember that no product is without its flaws, and individual user experience is always subject to discrepancy. For this reason, when evaluating the negative aspects of Trafficmaster flooring, it is important to do so within the context of its relation to the cost. 

While we do hold firm that an individual would be hard-pressed to find a product which rivals Trafficmaster for the price, the following downsides have been commonly reported.

Requires Some Expertise to Properly Install Which Is Pricy 

The downside of this product is that, like with many other quick-install laminate flooring products, if not installed properly, it has a chance to become bubbled in sections, almost as if it were floating, due to having gaps between the underlying subfloor and itself.

Individuals with no prior background in laminate floor installation would be wise to hire somebody with know-how in this field to mitigate the chance of this occurring.

Trafficmaster laminate flooring snaps together like a puzzle with no additional hardware required. However, there is a difference between simply installing it and installing it properly, in such a way that it will stay securely in place and not cause future problems.

Fitting laminate flooring pieces requires some level of planning ahead of time; it will require the installer to measure, outline, and make cuts accordingly. Failure to plan the flooring scheme properly and miscalculations that cause inaccuracy to the cuts and sizing can lead to an unsatisfactory result. 

This becomes especially important in rooms or spaces where unorthodox angles come into play. This can be angular walls, protruding door frames, fireplaces, etc. In these instances, pieces of flooring may need to be cut in very unusual ways to fit into odd corners. Without the right tools and experience, this can become tricky.

Hiring a skilled contractor will cost a fair amount of money, which must be factored into the cost of the flooring itself. Although the affordability of Trafficmaster flooring may seem enticing at first glance, after paying the cost of labor, there is no doubt the money you will have saved will be diminished, at least to some extent.

If you are ever unsure or not convinced of your ability to manage the task of installation on your own, you are urged to seek help from professional installers. The cost which you will incur by trying to go it alone, failing, and having to start all over, will far exceed what you would have paid to have a certified contractor do it right in the first place.

Laminate floor installation is very unforgiving. Any little mistake, such as seams not lining up, edges not being level, or gaps between the wall and the flooring, may be detrimental to the entire job. 

If One Piece Becomes Damaged, the Whole Floor May Need to be Redone

The fact that Trafficmaster’s laminate flooring tiles snap together is kind of a double-edged sword of sorts. On the one hand, as we discussed earlier, it makes it incredibly easy to install, but on the other hand, it creates the potential for a new problem.

The problem with flooring, which snaps together like a puzzle piece, is that if for whatever reason a tile becomes broken or damaged, depending on its location, it can be a nightmare to swap out.

In order to change one specific tile, many pieces will need to be disassembled, beginning at the wall and working your way in until you reach the piece in question. This in itself can be a laborious task, one which may result in half of your entire floor needing to be taken apart. 

This situation is not a concern when the flooring used is the type that is screwed or glued into place and does not interlock. 

Although this is unlikely to occur, as we said, Trafficmaster is highly durable. However, there is always the possibility, and this is still something that should be considered nonetheless.

Realted Questions

Is it necessary to lay a moisture barrier down underneath before installing the laminate flooring?

While it is certainly beneficial to place a layer of moisture barrier down prior to installing Trafficmaster laminate flooring, it is not necessary or required. However, it may save you time and money long term by preventing the floor from aging prematurely due to moisture. This product can be laid directly on top of subflooring, but not concrete.

How do you determine which direction the laminate planks should run?

The way to determine which directions to run the laminate planks in a particular room is by identifying the longest wall and running them parallel to it, in that direction. This gives the best visual result, requires the least amount of cutting and measuring, and makes the room appear bigger than the alternative.

Is the wood grain design identical on every piece of flooring?

No, the wood grain design is not the same on every piece of flooring. Trafficmaster deliberately produces an impressively large assortment of pieces in order to give your floor the appearance of genuine, authentic wood. The pattern is not continually repeated on every piece.

Tools Required for Cutting Laminate Flooring

If you decide to embark on purchasing and installing a laminate floor on your own, and you have the competence to do so, being prepared with the proper tools for performing the job beforehand will be essential.

No matter the dimensions of the room or space you are planning to cover, some cutting will inevitably be required. In order to cut tiles and flooring, many different types of saws can be used. The saw which you decide to use will be determined by what you have available at your disposal and how complex the cuts you will be making are.

The most common types of saws which are used to cut laminate flooring are:

  • Table saws
  • Circular saws
  • Jigsaws
  • Miter saws 
  • Radial arm saws

If you are thinking about purchasing a saw for cutting laminate flooring I highly recommend you check out my extended post with all details needed. IF you are on the run, my best 3 choices below.

Wrapping things up

In this article, we set out to provide readers with an honest review of Trafficmaster’s laminate flooring in order to best equip them to make an informed consumer decision. 

Ultimately, we determined that based on its very competitive low price, the ease of installing with no additional hardware such as glue or screws, and the fact that it comes in a large selection of styles and design schemes, this is a phenomenal product for what you can expect to pay.

While there are some drawbacks like the flooring’s tendency to bubble up and become free-floating or loose when not adequately installed or not being on par with the more expensive high-end alternatives, it is still a very suitable option for those seeking quality while maximizing their budget.