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What are Indian Interior Design features | Top Designers present and more

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Indian interior design is all about tradition, rich furniture features and vibrant colors. Discover this amazing design with me.

What are Indian interior design features? Features of Indian interior design are:

  • Vibrant color palette
  • Patterns and motifs
  • Decor
  • Solid wood Furniture with rich features
  • Marble , Granite or tile flooring
  • Artwork
  • Hand woven fabrics

In India with such rich history, there is strong presence of traditional interior design but young people tend to lean towards completely different design style…

First lets dive in to Indian design features little bit more deeper

Indian Interior Design Features

Traditional Indian interior design style
Source: Pinterest

Traditional Indian interior design style is exotic, sophisticated and full of royal and tempting look. When I think about it, two words come in my mind; symmetry and balance.

It gives a feeling of warmth and comfort through furniture, colors and furniture placements. I will describe his most important features in below subheadings.

Vibrant Indian interior Color palette

When I think about Indian style, first thing comes to my mind are vibrant colors and contrast! You just can not go past them right?

Color is by my opinion most important feature of traditional Indian interior design. Rich, dark, and vibrant colors or deep burnt shades used against strong bold backgrounds perfectly define its pallete.

Vibrant colors in Indian interior design
Vibrant colors (Pinterest)

Their two most prominent colors are pink and yellow, while the blue and green are used for smaller elements like chairs, and pillowcases.

Beside vibrant colors, they love to incorporate earth color tones of ochre yellows, burnt oranges for walls, sometimes even for the floors.

Patterns and Motifs

The second most common characteristics of Indian interior design is the use of unique patterns and motifs. From walls to sarees, you can observe various types and styles of patterns.

Indian culture is known for its prominent patterns. They can be drawn on the bedspreads, throw pillows, and even on the knotted rug.

Indian interior design patterns in Jal Mahal Palace-Jaipur
Source: Pinterest

The most common textile used in India are silk and cotton where people love to draw patterns on. Most popular designs include paisley pattern, nature-inspired themes, and even intricate mandala motifs.


Decor and details plays important role in Indian tradition. Not excessive, but a good amount of Decor items can be found in their homes.

Popular decorative items are flower vases, elephants made from terracotta, modern artworks, and the embroidered rugs.

Source: Pinterest

Above picture shows great example how Indian Decor is mixed with solid wood Furniture. Designer choosed earth color palette which goes amazingly well with Indian interior in general.

Beside above decor also oil lamps, ornaments made of brass, copper, and bronze play important part of Indian home decoration as well.

Indian meditation corner made out of tipical decor
Zen corner (source: Pinterest)

Solid wood Furniture with rich features

Indian furniture is mostly made out of solid wood. To enhance the overall aesthetic of the space, they use stunning craftsmanship and choose best traditional pieces with curved legs, and carvings.

Some could dissagree but I would say they put quality before aesthetic. Furniture is designed and made to last centuries.

Indian traditional furniture design
Source: opremisidom

They combine furniture with ornate centrepieces, which perfectly complement each other. Indian interior is also well known for brightly painted cabinets and inlay work using ivory, stones, and even mirrors.

Most widely used Indian pieces are wooden chests, footstools, and bird cages.


Indian climate and weather is sunny most of the year so flooring plays important role, keeping their home cooler. Most Indian homes use Marble, Granite or tile as their main flooring material.

Source: Pinterest

This type of Floor is stain resistant, more durable and demands less maintenance.


Indian interior design is well known for its artwork. Well known artists are Rajasthani and Madhubani. Their amazing paintings are exhibited in some of most important Indian properties.

Indian Rajasthani painting (source: Pinterest)

Indian walls are lot of time decorated with beautiful paintings to bring rich effect to overall room design.

Hand woven fabrics

Hand woven Fabrics play large role in traditional Indian interior design. For cushion covers and drapes you will see often weaves and embroidery.

Braided Vibrant cotton rug (source: Pinterest)

You will see Center peaces upholistered in more fine and luxurious fabrics such as silk or ikat. More affordable cotton and khadi are used for side chairs and side tables as well.

Modern indian interior oriented towards Minimalism

Modern Indian Interior design is oriented towards minimalism with touch of spirituality.

You will see in most Indian homes strong and deep presence of faith threw design. They do it in way by adding pictures or sculptures on the wall, which represents their beliefs.

Modern minimalistic approach is focused on less furniture and less clutter to open space and make it more modern.

At the same time Indians add small touch of tradition to make it more “Indian”. Sometimes they put really Nice solid wood check of drawers next to modern leather chairs and it would look amazing.

Modern minimalistic indian interior design
Source: Pinterest

Regarding colors you will see mostly white with combination of one or two more colors in adition. White color in India is very common and considered as the heart and soul of India. With White they add pink and purple hues or orange and yellow tones.

Best Indian Interior Designers

1. Aamir and Hameeda

One of the most popular Indian Interior designer pair are Aamir and Hameeda. They love to call their style minimalistic with urban and chick touch.

In tha past history they won several regional and international design awards. Their portfolio has almost everything from home, restaurants office, etc.

They live and design in Hyderabad. You can visit their site here.

One of my favorite: Tiki Shack

2. Gauri Khan Designs

Meet Gauri Khan, real celebrity amoung Indian interior designer. She designed for Karan Johar, Radbir Kapoor, Shah Rukh Khan and many other.

Gauri Khan with Radbir Kapoor
Gauri Khan with Radbir Kapoor

Big companies like Bentley, Ralph Lauren and Cavalli trust her taste. If you Got curious, check her portfolio here.

3. Pinakin Design

Pinaking is one of best luxurious brand in India established by Pinakin Patel. Brand is focused on interior and furniture design.

Pinakin designs - best Indian interior design brands

Mr. Patel past his well seeded roots to new generation – Mohak Mehta and Pallavi Choksi. They are dynamic duo who love all about contemporary design and want to incorporate it in to upcoming design projects. Get inspired on their site here

Do you like Minimalistic design? Japanese design style. They are best to. Learn from. Click here and find out more about this amazing minimalistic interior art.

4. Ravish Vohra

Ravish Vohra is considered on of best Indian interior designer. He is present in this lifestyle since 1992.

His passion for architecture and interiors drive him to execute beautifull high quality pieces. Get inspired here

5. Savio & Rupa Interior Concepts

Savio & Rupa Interior Concepts work and design from Bangalore. Their designs are unique and contemporary.

Savio & Rupa Interior Concepts - best Indian interior designers

Company was founded by Savio Michael and Rupa Savio who are playing important role in India’s fast growing luxurious interior design scene. Get inspired with their portfolio here.

Related Questions

What is South Indian interior design?

Traditional Indian Interior design started to evolve in South Indian states such as Adhra Pradesh Kanala and Karnataka. Homes are covered with terracotta tiles. In most homes doors are carved and made out Solid Oak . For interior they use beside Oak also Rosewood and Teakwood. Most common decor are carpets made out of Jute or Velvet.

What is IIID?

IIID stands for: Institute of Indian Interior Designers (IIID). It is a non-profit organization headquartered in Mumbai. Institute is full Member of IFI (International Federation of Interior) whose memebers include some ot the leading Interior Designers, Architects, artist, etc… Learn more here.

How are Indian Saris used as Interior decoration?

Saris can be used in many ways rather than in fashion purpose. They could be great Pillow cover or upholistery for you favorite lounge chair. It can be used as window vivid silk curtain decor. You can also put few saris together and make soft and light bedding duvet.

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