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What are Tile Decals | Vinyl Tile Stickers

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I realized not long ago working in my furniture shop that a lot of my costumer don’t know what are tile Decals. Decorating home is everyone’s dream and all of us want our houses to stand out and look beautiful, no matter how big or small they are.

What are tile decals?

Tile decals are durable stickers mostly made out of vinyl. They Rae water and stain resistant. They can look like real tiles so many people don’t see the difference from distance.

Let’s explain more in detail this new trend in the market called decals.

What Are Tile Decals?

As we explained, tile decals are a peel able wall and floor stickers that can be used on any surface such as tiles and porcelain. They are inexpensive decorative type accessories who can make awesome overall look results.

You can stick them on the existing surfaces very easily. They have been in fashion since long but now they are available in unlimited designs and colors.

Decals are getting very popular also becouse Home décor is getting more expensive day by day.

They are not just cheap, they also reduce the amount of mess you have to go through in order to get your house renovated. Tile decals are a perfect cover-up for the decaying tiles of your kitchen or yoir bathroom. They make your home look classy and fashionable no matter how simple the décor is. When you get tired of design, you can easily replace it without going over budget.

Best Tile Decals for Kitchen Backsplash

If you want to give a new life to your walls and keep them safe from water spilling on kitchen backsplashes during cooking or washing dishes, there is no better option than tile decals. They not only keep the tiles clean and new but also gives a stylish look to your kitchen.

Subway Tile – Kitchen and Bathroom Wall Decals

So called subway Tile is timeless. With its minimalistic look you can add it to almost every kitchen backsplash. In most cases it can be available in a variety of colors ranging from white to purple,lavender, mustard, etc. You can stick it to any flat surface without any problem while transforming it from average to excellent. It is waterproof as well.

Floor Vinyl decals for Kitchen, living room, kids and wedding places

Beside kitchen backsplash, Vinyl decals are perfect for floor as well. Final look can be changed completely with usage of inexpensive, durable and highly waterproof floor stickers. You can find them in different styles, textures and sizes to suit all tastes. They are suitable to use on floor tiles, hardwood wooden surfaces, and linoleum floors of kitchen, fireplaces, glass, and metal. I love them. When you get bored, you can easily peal them off and replace them with something new.

vinyl floor tile decal sticker

Floor stickers are commonly used at weddings as well. You can put big personalized sign on your future dance floor so everybody will know who’s day it is 🙂 It is easy to remove after.

Great Example of floor usage would be hopscotch decal pattern for our young ones.

hopscotvh decal pattern

Bathroom and toilet Decals

Most popular door decal sticker around us is probably man | women toilet sticker. I am sure you have seen this around.

toilet wall decal vinyl sticker

Do you want mosaic tiles in your bathroom but you don’t have money for real ones or you just want to experiment and see outcome with vinyl decals first? Below is one of great examples available today.

mosaic wall decal tiles

How to Install Tile Decal

First of all, before applying the tile stickers, clean the surface with a soft sponge or soft cloth. Arrange thew threw the floor so you can see how overall design will look like at the end. Once cleaned and visualized ,start applying tile decals.

It is very important that you get the right size of stickers according to the size of your tiles. Peel off one inch of the backing paper, flatten it completely, position it right on the tile and stick it down. With some you will need a ruler to smooth out the bubbles. Below video will help you navigate 🙂

Are Tile Stickers Easy To Remove?

Yes, they are extremely easy to install as well as to remove. Tile decals are considered rental friendly because they are very easy to remove.

Whether you are hiring an office or an apartment, if a certain place bothers you because of its ugliness, cover it up with tile decals and remove them once you leave. How easy is that?

Tile decal is easily peel able without damaging the tiles. If some part of it is stick to the tiles, remove it with hair dryer. Warm-up each peel that sticks to the tile directly, warm it up enough and then soft pull with the corners.

Please keep the following points in mind while ordering/buying tile stickers:

  • Choose quality tile stickers that are specifically made for indoor use
  • Get stickers that can easy be repositioned
  • Checkout the finish of the tiles (matt or gloss) and buy tile stickers according to that
  • Stickers attached more than one to two years can be hard to remove if they are not quality made
  • Don’t use tile stickers on surfaces already peeling or flaky as it will make them fall off more quickly
  • Don’t use tile stickers on polished surfaces as the glue attached with the stickers may cause a reaction and will lead to damage

 Are Tile Decals Waterproof?

Majority of the tile decals waterproof are made with vinyl material and are waterproof. Especially the tile stickers which are made for bathroom floors and kitchen’s backsplashes are waterproof. They are highly resistant to water penetration and to prevent damage.

However, there are few tile stickers which are less resistant to oil, heat and water. Make sure you check them before buying in case you want to use them for washroom floors or kitchens.

Can You Cover Bathroom Tiles With Vinyl Tile Stickers?

Yes we can. If you are renting a place, coping with the bathroom can be very tricky. If the bathroom is covered with old ugly looking tiles, covering them up with tile stickers can be very useful. It is also very cheap way to convert an ordinary looking bathroom into a classy one. You don’t need to spend a huge amount of money in order to renovate it.

Tiles stickers are available in many colors and designs to match your aesthetic sense. You can choose and decorate your bathrooms in any way you want. Match with the paintings, plants etc. Many tile stickers are more affordable than changing the actual tiles and the most interesting thing is, you can replace them with new ones whenever you want.


Whether you are applying tile stickers in kitchens, living rooms or bathrooms, make sure you are using high quality products and follow all steps very carefully. Avoid using tile stickers on newly painted walls or tiles. vinyl decals are a perfect and cheap solution to brighten up your place. We hope the above mentioned advices will help you find design inspiration, you are looking for.

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