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What is Composite Fencing? Everything you need to know

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Composite fencing is gaining popularity pretty fast due to its low maintenance and durability features. It is very versatile material popular in decking as well.

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How is Composite Fencing made

Alike from other types of fences, Composite fencing contains two or more elements combined. Its main ingredients are wood and plastic blend together with resin to make it very durable. Everything is formed by being pressed in high-pressure molds. Most if not all Composite is made out of recycled material. A wood, for example, would be from leftovers of industries or mills. Plastics can be obtained from bags and disposable cups. Because of this, composite material is also environmentally friendly and supportive to the ecosystem.

Wood provides a fancy look to the composite fencing and plastic will bring durability to the table. It can be bought in different color combinations. One of the most popular is the wood look-alike texture. It is perfect for those who seek a natural look and high durability at the same time.

Composite is multipurpose material and not only for fencing. For example e, I will use it as the balcony stairs and my terrace floors.

Maintaining Composite vs. Maintaining wood material

As we slightly mentioned above, composite fencing is really simple to maintain. All it needs some pressure cleaning ones per year. Its durability will fight well against all weather conditions. You won’t have problems with Termites compared to the wood-alternative. It is so durable, producers will mostly give a 20-year guarantee or more against defects .

Wood fencing needs a bit more love when we are talking about maintenance. Pressure Cleaning should be done at least twice per year. Before starting to pressure clean your fence make sure you shampoo it well with special wood cleaner like Mold armor. It helps stopping mold and mildew from attacking it. After you see regular cleaning doesn’t help anymore, it’s time for repainting and repairing it. Usually is needed every 3-5 years.

Cost of composite fencing

The cost of composite fencing is slightly higher when we compare initial cost compared to Wooden option. Because of its low or none maintenance costs threw years, it is less expensive at the end when we draw the line.

We know several different qualities of composite fencing but price on average varies between 20 and 40 usd per square foot. In addition, if you are not good with hands, you will need to pay installation costs which varies between 7 and 15 usd.

Advantages and Drawbacks of composite fencing


  • Warranty – warranty is very long, with some even over 10 years. In Normal conditions composite facing will last over 30 years.
  • Safe-Green product – Composite fence is eco-friendly and doesn’t contain any h inarmful components to affect our planet. It’s is made out of recycled plastic and wood.
  • Wide variety of colors and textures to choose from – You can choose from different colors, textures, and paints that match according to your home style
  • Wood-like appearance – Its appearance can be like real wood. Popular ones are walnut, cedar and redwood.
  • Composite is strong and durable – it is less likely to rot and supports every weather condition. Because of its durability, It is produced and delivered in planks up to 15-20 feet long
  • Low maintenance – almost no maintenance needed threw its lifetime. Pressure clean it ones per year and you are fine.
  • Color resistant – it doesn’t fade under sun. Maybe just a little bit in extreme sunny environment.


  • Slightly pricier – it is slightly higher priced compared to wood and vinyl
  • Stains – If you have pets or kids playing around, then stay cautious. The stains last for a long period and don’t remove that easily.

Related Questions

Does composite fencing warp?

Composite fencing may warp under high temperatures a little bit because of wood material present in its structure. This material is all in all very durable so warp can happen only with extreme conditions.

Can you cut composite fencing?

Composite fencing can be cut without any problems using simple handsaw or using circular saw blade with 40 tooth.

Can you paint composite fencing?

Even if it is not needed, Composite can be painted to change overall color and achieve unique desired fence color you have always wanted. It should be cleaned and primed before painting it.

Can you use vinegar to clean composite deck?

Even if Soapy water is better option for composite fencing, Vinegar is allowed. Mix 1 cup of apple vinegar with gallon of water and start cleaning. You should scrub mold and mildew with Scrubber before start cleaning it with cleaning mixture.

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