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What is Contemporary Balcony Garden?

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Its amazing how we can find different garden style in such space as balcony. On of most popular is contemporary garden with its sleek and clean modern look.

What is contemporary balcony garden?

Same as in interior design, contemporary garden is made combining natural earth materials such as wood with grey concrete. Lighting is directional to emphasize specific spots of your garden. Plants usually form clean soft and modern lines across your balcony.

Let’s dive more in detail and learn also how son can affect your garden and how can you measure it.

Before diving in, I have wrote one interesting blog post on how to arrange plants in your balcony garden and key elements of european garden design. You shuld read it after.

How to Make a Contemporary Balcony Garden with tips and tricks?

The first step in making a contemporary garden is visualization. The ultimate goal is to make your prospective garden space sleek and unique but also giving the opportunity to care for the plants and furniture

The contemporary balcony garden style is comprised of art decoration, modern and future in trend styles. It is best to line it out and personalize it with modern furniture, lights, stylish plant vests and simple water features.

This few tips will help you when designing your perfect contemporary balcony garden:

  1. Think about your floors. I would choose between wood, tiles or concrete.
  2. Your color palette should be earth centered.
  3. Use Natural Materials for furniture and ornaments – This enables a contrast for an immaculate planting pattern. 
  4. Make use of plants with optimum hardiness level, that will not go wild or become rowdy but rather will maintain a uniform appearance.
  5. Concrete or wooden Garden beds with Straight, slightly softened edges always play important role of overall design.
  6. Everything included in your garden space should be meaningful – This way you can efficiently make use of all your space. It usually comes in handy for microscopic spaces.
  7. Include modern directional lighting . A properly tailored lighting pattern emphasizes your design.
  8. Use Repeat Patterns – This helps to put your garden in place and also highlights the design-style. 

Talking about balcony gardens, one thing that one should bear in mind is that balconies are microclimates, and they differ largely to what is obtainable in the ground. This is an important point to note as if a region of a balcony is shaded, that can be one climate, and if another is exposed to excessive wind, that’s a different climate. 

The nature and design of a garden reflect the personality of the owner of that garden. As well as the plant, container choice, and arrangement. At the end we all want to achieve Harmony in our design to feel good when relaxing on our balcony, drinking coffee and filling our batteries to the max.

Balcony gardens can be simple or complicated, you can spend thousands of dollars on your garden or have one that costs you little to nothing. Design does not effect overall budget and its entirely up to you how much are you willing to spend.

Contemporary balcony tips and tricks

As exciting as starting a contemporary balcony garden may seem, there are some questions one needs to answer before going through with the process. Some of such important questions are; 

How Much Space is needed for balcony garden? 

The tiniest of space is more than enough to create the balcony garden of your dreams. Thinking of your space in three dimensions can be very helpful. Are there vertical pockets of spaces in your balcony where you can plant on or hang planters on? Thinking creatively with your space can help turn your little balcony into an oasis.

The smaller it is, the more tactical and prudent you’ll become in maximizing every corner of your balcony. Thinking of it in three-dimension help creates a spatial dynamic and allows you to use all of your space efficiently. There are a lot of ways to utilize it, from creating vertical spaces or hang planters on to compacting flower pots. 

How Much Sun Does Your Balcony Garden Space Get?

For the plants in your garden to thrive, they need adequate sunlight. Most people tend to assume the hours of sunlight a prospective garden space gets without meticulously calculating it.  A sun calculator comes in handy for this purpose or you could manually calculate the time out with a watch.

I love this Atree 3 in 1 (light, moisture and ph) meter. It is not expensive and makes things so much easier.

Don’t believe me? Read other reviews from real costumers who bought it on Amazon HERE.

How Much Heat Does Your Balcony Garden Get?

It is eminent to always have it at the back of your mind that balconies can get very hot or very cold. Plant hardiness should be a top priority when selecting plants for a balcony garden. For example, succulents can do quite well in extreme heat but the same can’t be said about legumes. 

What is the Hardiness Level of the Plants You Want to Grow?

Growing plants that can thrive in extreme weather conditions would save you a lot of stress. Also, keep in mind that your balcony is a micro-climate managed by you and its weather condition can be significantly different from a plant growing at a farm nearby.

Contemporary balcony garden ideas

Assumptions should not be based upon plants that are growing randomly around your surrounding but on checking your “USDA Plant Hardiness Zone”. 

Are There Rules About Gardening on Your Balcony?

There are different cultures around the corners of the world, to be safe, it is better to be well aware of the rules surrounding gardening on your balcony. You might want to check in with the estate managers or your landlord if the building you reside isn’t owned by you. In addition, depending on the location it might require a decent form of financial commitment to build a desirable balcony garden of choice so you don’t want to spend on something you are not allowed to and you in worst case need to remove.

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