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What’s Best Kitchen Countertop: Quartz, Granite, Or Corian?

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Do you know what’s Best Kitchen Countertop? Is it Quartz, Granite, Or Corian? I will go deep and explain pros and cons of each individual material.

“It’s a kitchen where the warmth of shared memories, laughter, and life create a recipe that spans the generations.”

Corian Kitchen Countertop
Image source : Corian Kitchen Countertop

One can enhance the design of a Kitchen by merely opting for the most suitable, aka best Kitchen Countertop. You may be attracted to several types, but it is wise to choose the one that matches all your kitchen needs.

Advanced technology has contributed significantly to making Kitchen manufacturers offer a diverse range of Kitchen Countertops to different audiences. In such a time, picking a favorite becomes tricky when each of the options on your list has got something to offer and has its place.

For most of us, the best kitchen countertop is the one that perfectly falls in line with the sense of your household as well as a style preference. We all desire a beautiful shiny kitchen countertop that suits our lifestyle, house-hold, and kitchen habits. Choosing a Kitchen Countertop is a massive decision because of different elements involved like cost-budget and impact of material on the usage of the kitchen.

The right decision about the choice of kitchen countertop can enhance the usability of a kitchen while making it low maintenance and superior in design compared to marble where you achieve the luxurious look, but hight maintenance and care are needed.

Presently, there are plenty of kitchen countertop materials choices in the market, but when it comes to picking one from the best, there are three most popular materials: Quartz, Granite, and Corian. Every element has specific pros and cons attached to it, which must be weighed before choosing your Kitchen Countertop because the best would be the one that suits your needs.

To present an on-point comparison between all of our chosen kitchen countertop materials, i.e., Quartz, Granite and Corian, we will be looking at three-four factors that may be considered before selecting the best kitchen countertop. The elements in consideration are Budget, Durability, Design, and Style.

Find it difficult to choose from Quartz, Granite, and Or Corian? No problem, continue reading this write-up, we are going to discuss the best kitchen countertop materials to choose based on different factors for your next kitchen renovation.

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Easy on Pocket: A Budget-Friendly Kitchen Countertop

Every penny counts!

Cost is one of the key elements that people consider while building or remodeling a kitchen. The cost of a Kitchen Countertop varies largely because of the material. Size, style, the thickness of the slab, or design one chooses for the kitchen.

Granite Kitchen Countertop
Image source : Granite Kitchen Countertop

Therefore, it is essential to get real cost estimation beforehand, in the shape of a price quote for your choice of Kitchen Countertop before making any assumptions about the pricing. To know which among the three Kitchen Countertop materials, ranks at the top in being budget-friendly, we compare all the three materials:

Budget FriendlyMost expensive Lesser in average priceLeast Expensive

Quartz is expensive of all because it is purely an engineered stone with superior quality that ultimately justifies the cost of this material, and being high in charge is a disadvantage for this material. In comparison with Granite and Corian, Quartz delivers value for its price. Whereas Granite is a little lesser in price, and its price mainly depends on the color, thickness, and quality.

Since Granite is relatively cheaper than Quartz, it has emerged as a popular choice among homemakers. For those looking for a Kitchen Countertop that is easy on pocket and budget-friendly, Corian is a perfect choice. So, being the least expensive of all three materials can be considered as an advantage for Corian. It is also an engineered stone but can easily get scratched because of is slightly low in quality.

Durable Kitchen Countertop

Quality is all about durability!

Durability is tightly knitted with low-maintenance. When you have a busy household with kids around, and there are chances that you forget a hot-pan on for a couple of hours, you a Kitchen Countertop that is durable and low maintenance. Have a look at the comparison between Quartz, Corian, and Granite with regards to durability:

Durability Highly Durable Second on burability test but it can be repaired easily. Least durable of all.
Quartz Kitchen Countertop
Quartz Kitchen Countertop

When it comes to being high in durability, Quartz is the best choice because, in hardness, Quartz ranks even above Granite. Plus, it also is the best choice for people looking for low-maintenance Kitchen Countertops since it is non-porous and is much easier to clean. It is hence highly durable, and low maintenance is an advantage for Quartz, whereas Corian ranks in second place in terms of durability because, just like Quartz, Corian is also a non-porous engineered stone. Just like Quartz, Corian also does not require high maintenance for scratches and stains because it is easier to keep clean.

However, all stones require proper cleaning so that they can be protected from the damage, which reduces the life-span of the stone.

Lastly, though Granite is a natural rock, it is least durable among all three materials, primarily because it gets scratches, stains, and cracks because of being porous. The Kitchen Countertops of Granite would require more care and maintenance, which is a definite disadvantage of using this material.

Top-end Design

Design exhibits your taste!

Top-end design for a kitchen countertop is essential in the re-built or remodeling of a kitchen. Nowadays, there is more emphasis on designing a Kitchen with materials that are eco-friendly and cause the least damage to the surrounding.

Considering the growing demand for eco-friendly kitchen materials, the kitchen manufacturers have built multiple options that can cater to the increasing need of customers for using eco-friendly materials in their kitchen. Having a kitchen with top-end design and a countertop that is eco-friendly, one can easily enhance the sustainability ratio in life. Here’s the comparison to see which one ranks at high in design and eco-friendliness:

Top-end design Highly eco-friendly and design wanted mainly in usa. Ranks at second in design. In some countries is more wanted than QuartzIs least design wanted

The Quartz Kitchen Countertops are made by conserving primary fossil fuels, and its slabs are made up of recycled content. Quartz also contains earth’s minerals, which makes it last longer as compared to the other two best contenders in the field. The designs presented by Quartz are much more uniform and minimal, making it rule the charts of sustainability.

Quartz Kitchen Countertops
Quartz Kitchen Countertop

Corian rests at the second place in the area of sustainability and top-design. The material of Corian is ultra-durable that requires very little mining as compared to Granite. However, there is more of toxic content used in manufacturing Corian Kitchen Countertops, which makes it a second choice for someone willing to buy purely eco-friendly material for the Kitchen Countertops.

The Granite Kitchen Countertop ranks at the lowest in top-design, because of being less eco-friendly and less sustainable. The extraction of Granite, combined with its mining and shipping, makes it an expensive choice for those who prefer kitchen designs that are eco-friendly and sustainable.

Style Impression

First impression is always considered as last impression!

While talking about style impression, all of the three chosen materials can provide a glimpse of luxury in different ways and feel. The element of luxurious finish is the one that has made them stand in the league of best kitchen materials. The luxurious finish for each of these Kitchen Countertop materials is in the form of edge details, slab dimensions, and size of the counter. A comparison can reveal which amongst the three is the best in style:

Clean FinishHigh in Streamline and clean finishHigh in Streamline and clean finishNo clean finish/streamline finish
Rugged/Natural inconsistencyNone rugged patternNone rugged patternHighly rugged and naturally inconsistent pattern
Sparkly-Luxury FinishHigh at Sparky/Luxury finishNon-luxury finishHigh at Sparky/Luxury finish
Range of ColorsRich in playful colorsRich in playful colorsLimited to natural stone colors

Because of being fabricated, Quartz and Corian can offer a clean finish with consistent colors, patterns, and a streamlined look. Whereas, Granite is a natural stone and lacks consistency in the design due to which it can’t offer a clean finish. If some look for a rugged style of Kitchen Countertop, Granite is the perfect choice as it is naturally robust and inconsistent in the pattern due to natural elements that are involved in the formation of the stone.

Image source: Corian color palette

In comparison, Quartz and Corian are no rugged materials for Kitchen. While considering Sparkly finish and style, Quartz and Granite rock the charts as both of them can provide a shiny, glamorous look to your kitchen, making it look highly luxurious. However, in the area of sparkly finish, Corian doesn’t stand anywhere near Quartz and Granite. Lastly, all of the materials provide a substantial range of colors, but since Quartz and Corian are human-made materials, therefore, there are more play-full color options in them as compared to Granite, which is 100% natural stone.

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It is concluded that the best Kitchen Countertop would be the one that best suits your needs and preference. Looking at the detailed comparisons between all three materials, Quartz, seems to be the best choice for all types of Kitchens. Quartz has turned out to be best at most of the factors that are considered when choosing best Kitchen Countertop. So wait no more and make you decision today. We hope this article will help you find out the best material for your beautiful kitchen countertops. Don’t forget to share your valuable feedback. We would love to listen from you.

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