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Where should study desk be placed in a room? [Feng Shui Tips]

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When it comes to success and working at home, the placement of your study desk is actually very important. For this topic, I turn to Feng Shui. Feng Shui is a practice that originates from ancient China but is still applicable today. Feng Shui is about finding harmony and balance between our energy and air flow in our surroundings. The principals of Feng Shui are often used in interior design and can be applied to your office for maximum productivity, creativity, and workflow.

Your Study Desk Should Be in the Command Position

The command position is also referred to as the Power Position. This means you should position your study desk so that you can see the door. This doesn’t mean you have to be directly in front of the door, far from it actually. You want to see the door but also be able to see most of the room.

Where should study desk be placed in a room [Feng Shui Tips]

The goal with this placement is that you can be subconsciously aware of your surroundings and avoid any surprising visits all without having to stop working to take stock of what is happening around you. You want to be able to see and be able to receive the energy that is entering the room without having to stop your workflow to do it.

The ideal position according to Feng Shui is with your desk in the command position, at a diagonal angle, and with a wall behind your back.

If you are trying to position your kids study table or desk, Feng Shui suggests that your child face north or east while studying. It is also important that your kid’s back never be to the door.

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Other Things to Consider when placing a study desk?

The shape of your desk should also be taken into consideration when positioning it in your space. A traditional rectangle shaped study desk allows for the most freedom for placement, but might not be practical for your needs. 

Study Desk with shelving

If your desk is a piece of furniture that is part of a shelving unit, then the command position is likely not an option. This type of desk generally requires being placed up against a wall. If possible, put it against a wall that will not have your back to the door of the room. If your back must be to the door of the room, try to have a window in your line of sight to one side.

Galley Desk

A galley desk is really two rectangular shaped desks positioned so that you can swivel between the two for different projects. A galley desk might be difficult to put at a diagonal angle, but can likely still be put in a command position. Place whichever desk you will spend less time at to be facing the wall. That way your power position of facing the door (and the rest of the room) will be used the most of the time.

L-Shaped and U-shaped Desks

An L-shaped desk and a U-shaped desk will have the same issues as the galley desk in terms of being practical at a diagonal angle. However, they can each still be placed in a power position in the back of a room facing the door.

What Color is Best for a Study Desk?

Your Study desk is the space that you work in, and therefore it needs to be relatable to you and your space. When choosing a color for it, we can turn again to Feng Shui principals to provide insight or guidance.

  • Feng Shui likes a brown, partly because it likely means it is made of wood. Wood is believed to bring a natural energy and nourishment because of its origin from nature. Brown understandably is regarded by Feng Shui to be comforting and nourishing.
  • A white or gray desk will encourage clarity and focus
  • black desk facilitates introspection and concentration
  • A red desk may seem fun and vibrant in the store but is such a strong color that it may be hard for you to sit and work at it over a long period of time

Ultimately when choosing your study desk color, you want it to blend with the design and style of the room, and be something that you like and can feel good about spending a lot of time at.  

Is it Good to Study in Front of a Mirror?

According to Feng Shui, mirrors can be bringers of light and add a beautiful design element to your wall. The placement of the mirror should never be to your back however. You want the mirror to be in your line of sight from your command position, not to allow your guests or your clients a view of the back of your head.

If you’ve had to tuck your desk into a closet or a tight corner in another room of the house, a mirror can be placed on the wall you are facing to provide you with a view of what happens behind you.

A Few Additional Tips for Your Home study desk

  1. Take care of your back and buy a quality office chair. Odds are you spend close to 40 hours a week sitting at your desk. Don’t compromise your ability to work well by using a chair that isn’t comfortable or doesn’t support your back. I recommend office star. It’s not expensive but has great back support.
  2. Have a plant or two in the room. This is another Feng Shui principal. By adding live plants to your office space, you add an energy of life and benefit from breathing better air.
  3. Decorate without Cluttering. When choosing decorations such as wall art, or photos the general principal is that less is more. You want to have a personal touch to your office space that provides happy thoughts or inspiration but doesn’t drown out your productivity.

Is Natural Light Important When Studying?

Natural light is important for adults and children when studying, learning, or working. Natural light helps our concentration and is better for our health. Try to bring as much natural light to your study table as possible. If your desk is in a room that doesn’t have natural light, be sure to invest in good quality lighting.

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